a little something to entertain you

a little something to entertain you


a beautiful Iris

Well this summer is kicking my busy Mama butt. I feel like I was expecting to be laid back and relaxed this summer. But I now know I am more busy then when school was in. I was supposed to have two awesome and fun posts for your enjoyment today (Friday) but between kids activities and some projects around here I did not get to sit down to write them until after the kids were in bed. Then queue the thunder and lightning storm that made my power go out. So about 10 minutes into working we were in darkness. Now instead of trying to find a way to diligently write my post, I did what most would have done after having a play date with 5 kids all day at my house, then dinner, gardening, and laundry…. well I read on my ipad and then went to bed. Sorry folks. So tomorrow I will have the aforementioned post’s I was going to do, I might spread them out over both days to give some newness and freshness to this blog.

these are delphiniums, they are super big and hearty, and oh so pretty

And speaking of freshness I am sharing today flowers! Yes, I know smooth transition. We are in full bloom here at Our Home. So I am sharing some lovely pictures of flowers. I have the early start of my roses (finally), and oh so much more. Come, sit back and enjoy my flowers. From my home to yours.


The first rose’s of the season. I had to replace three of my bushes because they did not make it through the deep freeze of a winter we had. Hearty, but not -30 degree hearty. So we got winter strong roses for the remaining ones needed. So far they are not as fragrant, but it is still early in the season. I hope I get more.




These are GORGEOUS!


This Iris popped up, it does not match any of the other ones in this flower bed.
A flower miracle!


 Sometimes you have to stop and smell the flowers. Gavin is a big flower smeller, it takes a long time to walk somewhere. He takes in all the little things in life and I love him for it


this is just a really nice shot of one of the trees in our backyard. I love all of the bright green

So I hope that was entertaining enough to tide you over until I have the real Friday post, ready for Saturday. Yeah, I am confused too it is OK. I do know a few things though… 1, it is Friday! 2, These flowers sure are pretty. And 3, you did not even notice I missed a post today. That is ok, my life is busy and so is yours. But I am so happy you stop by and enjoy when you can. Have a wonderful weekend. And this weekend I will have a few little things to share and entertain you with.


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  1. You have very nice flowers.

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