wicker chair tutorial

wicker chair tutorial

my three love’s at the zoo, all smiling wonderfully at the same time. It was a Mother’s day miracle!

Well hello there Monday, you came too soon. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend helping to celebrate your Mother or yourself on Sunday. I had a wonderful day seeing family, getting spoiled,  receiving and giving love. Not too get too mushy but it was a good day.  Ok, the real reason any of you are here, project Monday time! In keeping with recent trend on this blog I am sort of slowly revealing my daughter Nora’s room, project by project. It is 99.9% done and I am hoping within a few weeks I will have all of the bells and whistles to do a big reveal. It is a very cute, whimsical, girly room and Nora would not have it any other way.

So today is another chair redo tutorial. We had this old wicker chair, from I have no clue. I think it came from my in laws but I don’t really know. It has been in our basement forrrrreeeevvveer, moved into the game room, the kids play room or guest room. Wherever it was needed. Well now it resides in all its pink and green glory in Nora’s room. More specifically in her new reading corner. She is a full blown, read my e-mails over my shoulder reader. So we have moved all of her girly inspired books into her room. I don’t see the boys missing Fancy Nancy or Olivia books too much. With a new reading corner she needed a nice chair to go with. So this wicker bad boy got put to use.

her new reading chair

I chose to spray paint this. I think with wicker anything the best bet is to use spray paint. It gets in all the cracks without globing up or dripping like regular paint would. I decided on the same pink used on her desk and desk chair. I showed off this project here. It is a lovely oh so subtle pink… yeah right. I swear this pink is so bright it glows in the dark. But it fits really good in her room, and is used in smaller doses. I also wanted to paint the wicker part of the chair green so I selected a bright green to go with the bright pink. Her bedroom walls are a moss green color along with other plant and flower accessories in her room. Green and pink are her go to colors.

 The chair before it got prettied up
I went to work spraying the legs first. I probably should have taped up the top of the chair, but I figured that I would spray paint the legs, and then the wicker part so the pink would be covered up by green. I sprayed side to side taking my time. Keeping a good amount of distance, not right on top of the legs. If the spray can is too close to the surface it will run. I did one coat. Almost covering all of the legs.
After that was dried I spray the wicker part. Doing the same thing, slowly and from side to side. Be sure to look closely when done, wicker has a tendency to have lots of cracks. What you think is fully painted will show signs of no paint if not done all the way. I only needed to do one coat of the green. It went on great with no issues. I did get green on the top of the pink legs. Oops!
the all painted up green wicker


my whoopsie


more green where it should not be

Once the wicker was dry, I had some very obvious touch ups to do. It was really simple actually to get the color only where they needed to be once I did one more coat of the pink. I spray painted the legs again with the pink color, keeping a little closer to the legs to prevent spraying pink on the green. It could become a never ending cycle, but I nipped it in the bud with the second coat.

the fixed and pink legs

This was such an easy job. One coat of green and two of pink and we have a former ick, plain wicker chair turned into a pink and green pretty reading chair. I am not sure if I will put a cushion on it or not. Nora does not seem to mind it.

                                       The fully spray painted and mistake fixed chair

her little play and reading corner


these pillows match her bedspread


Nora with her head in a book, always

The corner came together very easily. The book shelf was a former toy play table. It was set on its side to allow various doll houses to be set and played with on. But Nora has expressed, and shown she does not play with them as often, and really wanted her books in her room. So we put a toy shelf from the playroom in her closet for the doll house and toys. Set the shelf upright, and voila a happy Nora in her reading corner. I did not realize my daughter at 6 would be listening to music and reading instead of playing. She is taking this growing up thing very seriously, and too fast! I mean she is only listening to the Frozen and Curious George soundtrack, but still she blares that like it is me and I am listening to The Foo Fighters or something.

this is what the shelf used to look like laying down with toys piled on it. And my whole crew 🙂
 The new reading corner


where her toys are now hidden away


Nora and Teddy in this corner, before the chair was painted but still, this is too cute

Nora loves the corner, and I love the chair all painted. It is super simple. As most of my projects are, really cheap, and a great way to save another chair! Success all around. I hope my little tutorials gives some pause for people who can see what an old chair can turn into. Or really any piece of furniture. I also hope, most importantly that you have a wonderful start to this week!

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  1. The chair came out great. Nice pictures of you and the kids. I love the photo of your daughter with your dog in shot 🙂

  2. Thank you, that pictures of my kids and I was a miracle for sure. They were all smiling. I like how the chair came out too, Nora (my daughter) loves it

  3. As a reader and a person who likes green, Lovely!! Love the pillows too 🙂 She looks so super happy too! Great job Mom!

  4. Thank you, I am a big time reader as well so when she said she wanted a place to read I got "it" so much. She spends so much time there.

  5. G'day from Oz! I've just pinned your post to my Say G'Day Saturday board-thanks so much for linking up. The chair looks amazing!

    Hope you can join in again this weekend!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  6. I want to thank you for sharing this post. It is not easy to find such perfectly written information on the wicker furniture.

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