what I am up to this weekend

what I am up to this weekend

Hello all, how is your weekend going? We are staying busy here at this house of ours. It is the first sunny few days in well over a week. I actually felt some warmth from the sun rays today. Glorious sun! We are knee deep in painting this weekend. We can paint on the driveway and leave things to dry in previously mentioned sun.

I am wrapping up my daughter Nora’s room. Painting some last pieces of furniture needed. One being her desk chair, and two a chair and table for her recently added reading corner. And then of course the wonderful outdoor furniture fail that I am currently trying to make it right. I spoke about it here. I would say we are 40% done with that project. Well, probably 20% but I am trying to not get too down on myself on the progress. Or lack there of. I can feel it, we will get there. I am hoping before it gets cold again and the outdoor furniture needs to be put away. They will be done to enjoy during summer. THEY WILL!!!! Hopefully….

my little helpers are just as eager as these little hands

I am off to go paint, and paint, and paint. Oh and watch my kids “help” by dripping paint all over the garage. Luckily it is just concrete. I will be sharing one of the painting projects on Monday, it is a great chair redo with paint and upholstery. It is a pink explosion for my pinkalicious girl. Enjoy your weekend!


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