Spring is here…?

Spring is here…?

I am an outdoor girl. Not so much a go hiking and be tough and rustic, but I adore going for walks, making sand castles with my kids, going swimming, reading a book under a tree and gardening in my back yard. Gardening was something I mistakenly discovered I love. When we bought our house the first year I begrudgingly pulled the weeds from the flower beds, put in a few flowers in some pots on my porch and that was that.

my lovely yellow rose

the gorgeous pink rose

Then we had some bushes that were in need of replacing, two of the 3 had not even bloomed with new leaves. They were officially done. So I was not sure what I wanted to put there. It is right next to our patio, and where the table sits. I wanted something that blooms. I have a few favorite flowers, Hydrangeas, Roses, and Lilies. I already have a bunch of Lilies in my yard, was nervous about Hydrangeas in this northern area I live in (Wisconsin). So I decided to go with some Rose bushes. And I fell instantly in love. I pruned, cut, arranged gorgeous table decor using my newly acquired roses. I was hooked, seeing the love and care I put into the roses turning into fully bloomed and healthy bushes that grew pretty big.

planting the roses, of course my little helper and big helper were there.
I did get my hands dirty, but of course has to take a few pictures along the way
my first rose blooms, they were so scrawny but I was so proud

I had always heard that they were hard to take care of and grow. I did not have this problem at all. I bought plants with a established base already so maybe I cheated a little. We planted them in early summer and they grew like a weed. I have three pink and two yellow. They are lovely. So fragrant and gorgeous.


this is of course Nora’s favorite flower and always wants me to put
an arrangement in her room of the pink ones

Last fall I prepared them for our long winter. Not knowing just how long it would be. I stopped pruning them a few weeks into October, to encourage them to become dormant. Then placed 2 inches of leaves and dirt around the base of the plant, to insulate and cover up the roots. And then waited. And worried. This past winter we have had really cold temperatures. I am talking -40 degrees, that is not wind chill, just the temperature. I know plants are resilient but come on. I expected spring to come and have the trees not get leaves, the Tulips, Daffodils, the Lilacs, Hydrangeas, Hyacinths, all of my flowers not make it through. Well they are all blooming and sprouting new buds. As you can see once I discovered my green thumb I went full force. My favorite thing is to sit in the sun, cut, prune, and make pretty these flowers. It is instant results and forever enjoyment. Well during the warm months that is.



one of many arrangements I made last summer

all have started to make their appearance in little beautiful buds, except my Roses, I know it is still quite early. But it seems like they are taking forever. I think it is just me not being patient. I cant wait to smell the fragrance when I open my windows, to see the beautiful color. To ooohh and ahhh over the lovely blooms. I want to arrange flowers in a great vase and admire them indoors too. We have only had a handful of 60 degree plus weather so I know it is still early. But this cannot come soon enough. Hopefully they are not damaged beyond repair. I will let you all know in a few weeks. I hope to take you all on a little tour of my yard with the beautiful flowers in my flower beds. But I need warm weather first!


my roses and a lily for added beauty



  1. These flowers are beautiful. But even more so when you grow them yourself! I have a brown thumb, but need to try again.

    Shannon ~ bohemianjunktion.com

  2. Google became my friend, how to plant… how to prune… how often to water… I was able to pick more seasoned gardeners minds without the trial and error aspect of it. Good luck!

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