small reveal part 4

small reveal part 4

I am going to do a project reveal on Friday. It is not huge but I am quite proud of it. So every day this week I will give a small reveal of the project and by Friday the project will be revealed in all of it’s glory. This is the last small reveal. Tomorrow is THE day. Are you excited? Probably not, but it has been fun giving little hints here and there. And I do hope that the final project will be inspiring and appreciated. I think a few will find it useful and easy. And also beautiful.

So today, on this glorious Thursday I present to you all three pictures for your viewing pleasure…

Shells, lots and lots of shells. Of course with this project having to do with my home town and that town being San Diego California with all of its beach’s to it there needs to be shells. Some of these have been picked by yours truly and my kids small hands. Others were purchased from a shell store in La Jolla CA. Most of the shells from there are also from California, a few were from other places. I tries to keep it local but could not resist a few stunning shells from other places. So these are included in this project. I know, a lot is going on. I worried it was too busy, but the results are actually better then I hoped. Which rarely happens. The wall project is all done, and patiently waiting to be revealed. Tomorrow is the day…. any final bets on what is going on?


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