outdoor detailed tour

outdoor detailed tour

In keeping with the trend of outdoor living. I spoke about my outdoor water fountain on Tuesday. So today I am giving a tour of my yard. Heavy on the flower sharing side. My furniture that I am redoing is not done yet. I have one chair left and then I promise I will show you the whole thing. I have a lovely huge patio for the almost done furniture to be. But I can share the rest of my outdoor space with you here today. This house as an amazing outdoor area. Big trees, a cute picket fence, flower beds like crazy. There was just a lot of maintaining when we bought the house.


Some Gerber daisies framing the entrance to the porch

On the porch we painted the columns white. They were a light brown and needed painting. So instead of trying to match the color I decided to make them pop by painting them white. I love them. This front porch is great. I only wish there was a huge hanging light in the arch of the porch. I mean, come on it is made for a hanging light. We also added the corner planter to the right of the porch. There is some Hydrangeas in it.

This porch is a hard thing to decorate. It is big, and with nothing on it can look rather vast and un welcoming. But it is not so big that you can have a huge, relaxing sitting area. A small bench, that is in need of repainting and some barrels with flowers in it seems to dress it up enough for me.
rustic chic is in right?


I am not sure what these flowers are, I believe the red ones are some kind of rose. They are flowers that do good in shade so that is a must with the porch.

I am not a complete failure, I have painted two rocking chairs in the front of the house. This house has beautiful brick work for the walkways and patio, my husband and his family painstakingly laid all of the brick down. One by one. There is a large area to the side of the patio that was fairly bare when we purchased the house. We added a curved flower bed in the corner with some hydrangeas and then these rocking chairs. It makes the space seem more of a finished thought. It is a great place to rest and watch the happenings of the street.


our walkway, ignore the children in pajamas outside. We walked my daughter to the bus stop.
No one needs to be fully dressed to do that. I love this walkway and the bricks
This is a half circle flower bed at the edge of the front patio. It is a great little addition to the space. Capping off this corner of the front yard.

This is a flower bed in the middle of the front yard. There is lavender, daffodils, tulips, and a few other things. I am not sure what all else. This is one we have not touched since moving in. We just maintain it.

These huge trees are on the side of our driveway. They are big and leaning. I am sure sooner rather then later they will have to be taken down. They do need a good trim though. There is a planter under them somewhere with some tulips. It is being overtaken by these ginormous trees. My kids call them our Christmas trees.


We also added a planter on the walkway coming from the patio to the porch. It is a large space and really needed something. So we purchased some cute bushes, planted them and used some matching stones to trim up the sides of the planter.


My favorite part of the yard is the side. I know weird. There is this great stone walkway off of the front patio that leads to the backyard. It is stunning with huge burning bushes and tons of tulips and daffodils. There is also a oh-so adorable tree to the side with pink little flowers at the base of the tree. It leads up to a picket fence. My dream house always had a white picket fence. This is close enough. I love this little side of the yard. I want to one day get a little bistro table ad chairs over here to enjoy my favorite corner of the yard.

So pretty, this is my happy place in the yard

And now onto the back. Like I said there is a huge patio area which has ample room for furniture, right now it looks like a daycare center with my kids toys on it. But there is a great rose flower bed we put in lining the side of the fence and patio. I also have my newly improved water fountain here. There is a few flower pots holding some gorgeous flowers. Well they will be when they bloom.
these are mums
this is from last year, some of the roses did not make it. Right now I don’t have much to show


geraniums are pretty

There is a huge planter with two different kinds of lilacs towards the back of the yard, along the fence line. The white kind is already blooming. The purple kind blooms in June usually. My neighbors are always coming and snipping some lilacs. This bush is out of control, but oh so pretty. My house smells wonderful when they bloom.



We have the biggest trees in the neighborhood. We purchased the home from our in laws, and when they moved in it was brand new construction. My father in law paid good money for these monsters of trees. 14 years after they were put in they are well above our house, and the envy of all of the neighborhood when we have shade and they are roasting. I don’t gloat, just enjoy my shade.


Oh yeah, my kids have an awesome play area. This baby has a rock climbing wall, swings, slides, and a sand box. It is the place to be for my kiddos.

There is a planter running the back of the house. It has a lot of low plants. I think eventually we will be moving these plants to other areas of the yard and putting in some taller growing plants. There is a mix of evergreen bushes, Lily’s, delphiniums and hyacinths. But still, no blooms. You better believe I will be sharing when they bloom. Probably too much, can you say flower overkill? Not me, I love it all.



the lilies. These get huge and orange, so beautiful

And lastly a little far corner of the yard. It has some ivy, a small tree, some really cute purple flowers. And it is home to some birds who use the provided homes. And also some bunnies from time to time. I am toying around with the idea of making a small little patio over in this far corner of the yard. We never get to enjoy this spot. We do sit under the tree occasionally but don’t mozy over too much otherwise. It is such a sweet and quiet part of the yard.


the first budding leaves on a tree

That is it, my beautiful yard that I am obsessed with for the 4 months we get to enjoy it. My family and I spend so much time out here. We have plans to eventually add a huge pergola over the patio, make a outdoor kitchen area for the grills. I did not show them, we are doing a little project with them and I will be sharing how they look then. Also a vegetable garden on the side of the house. Some big plans, but that is another day and another dollar. Not today and not with any current dollars. Always planning and scheming. I have our next 2 years, at least planned for outdoor improvements. I am so lucky my husband loves me because I may drive him crazy otherwise. Love and a good smile goes a long way. If anyone has any questions on flower care or maintenance I can try to answer them. Or point you in the direction of the correct answer. I leave you now with some gratuitous flower pictures, and of course a few of my kids enjoying the yard. Only a few. I wont overload you all.

this is the start of the rose bush.
This one survived the winter



this is on the side of the garage, pretty but forgotten about a lot


I feel like this is pure, childhood. You can’t get any happier
traffic jam

I am going to have to force my husband to take a few pictures of me. I do exist and enjoy this yard. But there is no proof of that what so ever. I am the one enjoying these moments, just not seen.



  1. oh my gosh, what a yard! beautiful flowers. and i would never have thought of using lilys in a pot…but i don't know much about flowers anyway. i really like this idea.

  2. thank you, I enjoy my yard so much. The Lilys were in a flower bed but we took them out to replace with something else. The bulbs were still so healthy and intact I just stuck them in the pot, not sure if they would grow back. They have, those things are super strong!

  3. That winter picture brings back some bad memories

  4. Hi Emily- This is a Friday Feature this week at http://imnotatrophywife.com
    Love your yard tour- it's huge! Please link up this week too! laura

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