my three little roommates

my three little roommates

I have been living with kids for 6 years now. And while I never had a roommate other then my lovely husband, I believe that my kids are the toughest, most rude, inconsiderate roommates ever. They are up at all hours, long after I have said lights out. They wake me up demanding breakfast. They wander into my room in the middle of the night and either climb in bed, cry by the door, or just stand right next to me and breathe until I wake up. Yeah, my three little housemates watch me sleep. Creepy.  No offer any kind of rent compensation. They always throw in extras at the grocery store, laundry? Pftt, it is a public laundry facility and I am the public that does it. I mean obviously they are my kids, I chose to have them, love them, take care of them and provide for them. But if they were a roommate and not my kids I would be looking for a new one.
I had grandiose, lovely ideas of mother hood, how my home would be with kids. Cute little outfits hung in their closets, giggles, love, enriching their minds with educational toys and books, guiding them, kid snacks stocked in the fridge, adorable perfectly lit pictures of my kids on the wall, and of course some tantrums. I have seen toddlers lose it, but a lot I was not fully prepared for. I did not imagine loads of laundry, a bin full of socks that I have to match. And half never have matches, the wonderful books my kids would use to enrich their minds would become stacks upon stacks that will topple over. Dropping their shoes by their shoe cubby but not in. On any given night as I am “closing up shop” in the house. Locking the door, putting Teddy our dog out one last time, making sure the porch light is on, tucking the kids in, I also navigate land mines all over. Land mines that is the remnants and proof of my kids “learning”.
her idea of doing laundry?
Last night there was two swords by the fireplace, you know for protection if needed. A magnadoodle, half doodled on, some shoes under a side table, a battleship in the hallway, some blankets out, piles of books, apparently my art table exploded and all of the crayons, markers and paper flew out of their designated spots. Caps off markers too. It was a big explosion. A small pile of shoes in the hallway all interestingly enough not matching each other. So I have about 8 shoes in the house missing their pair. Yay! I wonder if maybe my kids are doing it Hansel and Gretel style, leaving a trail of bread crumbs to find their way. Only my kids leave toys. A toy trail to safety.
On any given day my kids dress up at least 3 times. I love seeing them play, use their imagination, enjoy being a kid. But all of those oh so cute dress up toys end up very nicely placed in, around, trickled out of, thrown in the direction of the dress up bin. Not in. The car races down my hallway end up in a traffic jam, that Godzilla Mommy crushes with her bare feet. Can we say ouch? The cute shoes I bought, too many of are used against me by leaving them everywhere but where they are supposed to be. Is this a conspiracy my husband has had an influence on so that I wont buy them more shoes?
 What is even going on here?
this is not bad at all, just what I spotted last night going to bed. The collection of shoes and not one matching pair.
Oh and a frying pan, I know that is where I always leave mine.

People always comment, in real life and now here. Yes here, my blog, other social outlets, other places my home is being shared. They comment on how neat it is, how beautiful it is. How their home never looks like this. Well mine does look like that. Obviously, there is photographic proof. But it also looks like this… all of this. I have three kids, who like I said are the messiest housemates ever. I try to keep up, but it is truly a loosing battle. Today we had a bedroom clean up, I decided it was time to check and see if we still had floor in their rooms. They had not been seen for a while. Well that clean up turned into tears, tantrums, threats, whining, all of the above. While the frozen soundtrack was playing in the background, of course. 3 hours later the room was clean. It could have been done sooner. By my husband and I just relenting and doing it ourselves while they attempt to look busy until we are done cleaning. But this time, it was time for them to do it. And it was the longest 3 hours of my life. I think next time I will just do it myself. Was that their plan all along?

But, even with these little mess monsters I adore them. They are the most fun roommates ever. They are the life of the party. The roommate that makes the biggest mess, is late on rent, but throws you an amazing surprise birthday party. They “know someone” who can get you into the club. If I went clubbin that is. My kids are those guys. They live life to the fullest. No time for mess clean up Princess Nora needs our help STAT. They have to color this picture with this color, oh and this color, and hey ohhhhh sparkles! My kids randomly start sword fights, we have turned the house into a huge hide and seek party. Just two days ago my kids covered a stool in the study with a blanket and we had a tea party, fancy attire and a dressed up Monkey as the special guest. My daughter Nora is currently rearranging her room to make a floor lamp work as a spotlight and a stage for a performance of Frozen tonight. Princess Ana will be played by me tonight, braids and all apparently. They redeem themselves in the best way. In relishing these moments of awesome kidisms I realize this is what I dreamed of when I was pregnant with my first. This home, filled with all of its messes, piles of whatever, hurt toes from toys on the floor, dried up markers, dress up kids, being so silly milk comes out of their nose. They are the life of the party, the home to our house, mess and all.
My crazy, life of the party kids

 Tea time
the guest of honor
I will be renewing my agreement with my three little roommates, for every year until whenever. I am sure eventually they will get this organizing thing down. Learn to clean and put their things away. I mean come on, you guys have seen my home. I am all about beauty and organization. Just don’t look in my closet! 😉
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  1. "Is this a conspiracy my husband" No never but that is a good idea.

    The 3 hour clean up to me just means that they need to do it more often so they get use to cleaning up their own mess.

    They are amazing and wonderful kids love them and you so much.

    Fun post by the way.

  2. I knew it!!!! I admit, the kids have too many shoes. And maybe they do need to clean up more, you can over see that anytime you want 😉

    Emily -Our house now a home

  3. lol you are so funny and insightful. Guess you know what happened to your bowl of cherries! And you know, my kids never did learn to clean up their rooms within the three hours so I wouldn't sweat it. Thanks for sharing with us at Snickerdoodle!!

  4. Thank you, good to know my kids are not the only ones. I loved sharing at the link party. It is one of my favorites. I hope to be back to host again soon!

    Emily- Our house now a home

  5. As I read this post I could not help but feel the graceful way you wrote this was incredible post; and I am sure every parent out there has been in the exact same place you are on multiple occasions. Children bring complete joy to our lives at the same time they bring complete madness and stress…But they are such wonderful gifts given to us that anything they might ever do in life is outshined by their joy, happiness, smiles and simple little things they do each day. Awesome post!!!!

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