Mothers day

Mothers day

the little moments of perfection

Sunday is Mothers day. As my kids are getting older (6,4, &3) the day is becoming special for a different reason then before. I get to see what their little minds come up with to help celebrate this day. While my husband Dale was trying to get them to plan an outing for Mothers day they came up with some great ideas. The zoo, a bounce house, an indoor playground, an outdoor playground, swimming. You know real Mommy stuff here folks. And once Dale explained it needed to be something I would like to do, he said they paused for a second. Then Caleb, my middle child screamed out “Shopping!” Am I that transparent? Yes, yes I am. I love shopping.


Being a mom is the most amazing thing I have ever done. There will never be anything that I will cherish as much or be as proud of as my children and the moments I have had with them. They are truly my everything, my joy, my love, my life. I am the woman I am because of them and I am who I have always been meant to be. All that I did led me to this life I have with these three little people looking to me for everything. It was all practice and biding my time until I was called Mommy. Then it all made sense.

The three little reasons why I get to celebrate being a Mommy


I feel like mothers day is a special day. Not just for me personally. I am not that self centered. But for every Mom, or a woman raising children. Since becoming a mom and seeing truly what it takes to get a child to adulthood. A fully functional, giving something to the greater good of man kind, paying bills, loving someone, being kind, adult. Someone had to teach that person. Of course this rings true for Fathers day as well, but hey it is about the Moms today.

 My Love’s

My kids have had to be taught to not eat their boogers, how to pee and poop on the potty (yay for every adult who does not poop their pants, that is a milestone my friends), to listen to directions, use eating utensils, blow their nose in a Kleenex, that flies will not hurt you, clouds are not made of marshmallows,  how to put socks and shoes on, that underwear twisted around you is not ok, and crayons are not for eating. To name a few. Most adults roaming this earth have learned those things. Among many others. But truly break down all that it takes to raise a child. It is astronomical. Also there is that whole, creating a human being in your body thing! That is amazing!

holding on to Mom, who will make the waves not so scary


reaching out for Mommy’s love and comfort


Mommy’s make it all better

On this day I am able to see where my children have been since I became a Mom to where they are now. I have some very sweet, kind, funny, creative, loving, adorable, weird, quirky, silly, and wonderful kids on my hands. I am constantly amazed to see the person that is emerging from them.


Soooo… I help with the quirky and silly side from time to time



I know that I am always trying to do my best for them. And to say that I would do anything for them is a very large understatement. With no hesitation I am here to protect them, raise them, and keep them healthy regardless of anything else. It is daunting to think that deeply but very, very true. There are those moments of pure perfection with my kids. The hugs, kisses, “I love you” “you are the bestest Mommy ever”, the pure joy of laughing with your child, cuddles, seeing them be kind to others, seeing them conquer a fear, coming to you with worry, dancing in the living room, love. Pure perfection. And the not so perfect times….. I don’t need to get into those, they are tough, seemingly impossible, and never ending moments. But even through those moments of tantrum throwing, mess making moments they are my three favorite people and I am so lucky to be their Mom. It is a good thing I love them so much because sometimes that like thing is a struggle. I mean, why must they stop in the doorway while your hands are loaded with groceries? My achy muscles are crying out.

Love at first sight
Gavin and I getting to know each other


The moment I fell for my little man Caleb
this girl Nora and I are truly in love


Since becoming a Mom I now know that Mom’s are phenomenal and strong women. I was raised by my Mom, my Grandma, with a good dose of a few Aunts thrown in too, with my stepmom emerging as a friend once she came along. They are the strongest, most loving, giving, intelligent women I know. There were times growing up I KNEW they had it wrong. I was right, they were ruining my life. Now I KNOW that is not the case in the least. Kids are a tough thing to raise and even if it is never said it is all about instinct, and trial and error. But all try their hardest out of pure love and devotion for that child. All with the hopes of letting them be better, have more, be happy, become fulfilled in life.


Two of the many women who have a had a hand in making me the woman I am today
Me, My Grandma and my Mom. Three Generations of awesome… just sayin


It can be daunting to raise kids, the schedule, time, effort, responsibility, money. But I have learned that to be a good Mom love is what is needed most. All of the rest will fall into place from the love you have for them. You are unstoppable with love for you little’s, and not so little’s. This mothers day take the time to revel in your greatness, in the accomplishments that is your children. Take time to thank the women in your life whether it be a Mom, Grandma, Aunt, mother in law or stepmom. They all are special. And also look around and realize for every random adult you pass there is a woman who created, grew, loved, raised and taught that child into that adult you see cutting you off and flipping you off on the road…. Well sometimes it is hard to teach the taking turns thing. Happy Mothers Day!


Shout out to my husband Dale who is going through this whole parenting thing with me
my joy’s

Share some moments as a Mom or with your Mom, how Mothers day is special to you…..



  1. I is special to me because of you. because of you I am a dad.

  2. thank you Dale, you are amazing and very sweet

  3. Love this part

    Then Caleb, my middle child screamed out "Shopping!" Am I that transparent? Yes, yes I am. I love shopping.

    Me and my mom building with Legos is a special moment that I remember.

  4. Thank you Bob for sharing, I always enjoy what you have to say here on my blog!

  5. What a heart touching post. I agree that being a mom is AMAZING! Ours are about to be 16 &20 and it's still awesome. Enjoy your day with whatever they have planned for you. They are precious and their ideas are hilarious. They just assume you love everything they love. It's so fun to see the world through their eyes. Happy Momma Day!

    Shannon ~

  6. Thank you so much for stopping by. I love that my kids are starting to speak their mind and share those wonderful thoughts in their heads with us. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's day!

  7. Kids are amazing creatures. I am not sure how they even survive to adulthood sometimes! Glad you had such an awesome day! You have a very lovely family 🙂

  8. Kids are amazing. I always say kids are so weird, quirky, unapologetic, and honest. Most adults have to hold that stuff in, not them. And thank you so much. I had a wonderful mothers day. I hope you enjoyed celebrating the day too!

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