living room and entryway detailed tour

living room and entryway detailed tour


my living room

I have decided to share each room in my home, showing more attention to detail then my home tour has shown. I also will try and break down some pieces, how I got them, if I restored them, where I bought them. Little pieces of info. If anyone has any questions on anything with the living room and entryway please ask away either in the comments or by e-mail. So without further adieu… my entryway and living room

I purchased this table already painted from a great group of women at the Green Garage


 We made the board and batten ourselves. A tutorial should be following soon
I painted the little mirrors, they were a rusty gold color before
the door knobs were purchased from Menards
The coat hangers were purchased on e-bay
This light was gold, and had a few more details with beads hanging from the ceiling to the light. I simplified it by removing those and then spray painting it black to match the oil rubbed bronze we have in the home. I purchased this from craigslist



All of the floor boards, door trim and window trim I sanded and painted white
we also painted the room a light gray. If I could do it again it would be a tad bit darker, but I don’t hate it enough to re do it no way, no how. I will see if I have the color anywhere and update if I find it
The feature collage wall
I purchased this table from the World Market. It came in that glorious, perfect turquoise.



The picture frames were a hodge podge of frames purchased over the years. I had not planned to keep them black, but now I adore the little pop of black with the frames


I dont remember where I bought these suitcases, but they add a fun flare to the entryway
We redid this coffee table, you can see the tutorial here. I am constantly changing around the fireplace mantel decor as well as the coffee table decor


This coold glass jug was given to me by my Grandma, she said it used to keep oil in it. The star fish was purchased in San Diego. I love the picture of my kids hands, so timeless



This is pretty much the only furniture formation this living room can have. I could put the couch in front of the fireplace and mount the TV. But the fireplace is so big my kid’s necks would break trying to look up and watch it


The TV table was purchased at the Green Garage. I plan to do something to hide the cable box and what not. It is an old dresser. I liked the idea of it being a bit taller then a normal entertainment center and also longer and skinnier. It fills the whole wall well.



This table is a set of three, I bought from a garage sale when I was moving into my first apartment at 18. They have come with me the whole time. The mason jars are from my Grandma. The table does not fit perfectly with the room, but I cannot bring myself to paint over the detail on the tables. It is hand painted and gorgeous. I think these will eventually end up in my room where it would go a little more. But for now it is needed here


All of the pillow shams and pillows I have were purchased at various Etsy stores, they are great and unique. It was one of my first risks I took in decorating. I loved the idea of bright patterns but was worried I could not make it all look cohesive. When I did it and realized I loved the final look I gained so much confidence in my decorating to trust myself. And I have run with it ever since.
These shelves are old cheap shelves purchased at Wal-mart when my husband and I moved in together. They are coming apart and will be replaced with built ins. Most of what is adorning them was purchased at Target, Joanne’s fabric, the World Market or the Goodwill
The big pillows were sewn by my wonderful, multi talented husband. The other one with the bright flower was purchased on Etsy


 These curtains were sewn by my husband as well, he is amazing… seriously amazing!


 I love the combo of turquoise and gray
The large picture over the mantel was purchased at Pier 1 imports. I twas marked down so much we bought it for $58 from $165. Can we say great deal? I also painted the mantel white, it made the details pop so much more. I adore all of my white trim now


This is my favorite pillow I have in my home
The lovely floral arrangement is fake flowers I purchased at Goodwill. The glass hurricanes get filled with different things throughout the year depending on the season and holiday. I stagger the hurricanes to add some contrasting sizes and heights.


 And to end on the perfect note, my Teddy relaxing on his corner of the couch
Well there it is folks, a extremely image heavy post on the details that are my living room. It is the room people first see, where we relax, watch movies, open Christmas presents, sit by the fire, it is the most used space in our house. It was also the first room I decorated when we bought our house. This was the room I dreamed about before we moved in. I had these great visions for it and some have not come to fruition yet, but others have far exceeded my expectations. There is still some work to be done, but we are slowly coming to a close on the to do projects in this room. I hope this was a fun tour and not a skip this post kind of thing. Like I said above if anyone has any questions feel free to ask away. I am an open book (or blog). I think next week I will feature my study. My hope is that by going room by room it will get my butt in gear to finish my kid’s bedroom’s so I can feature them too. They have been a long time coming and it is time to put some pressure on myself. So you all and this here blog is my pressure. “Under pressure…” That is me singing Under pressure by Queen, just letting you know. Ok folks, back to the trenches that is Wednesday. Good luck, stay productive, happy and healthy!
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  1. Your home is so inviting and beautiful! I love all the pops of turquoise. And I'm so jealous that your husband sews! Lucky lady!

  2. Thank you so much! And my husband is awesome not only can he sew, build anything I dream up, he moonlights as a software architect in his 9-5 so I have a in home tech guy for all my blogging issues. Not to brag… but he is pretty awesome ;). Thank you so much for stopping in on my blog!

  3. love all the turquoise touches and that colorful chevron rug! enjoy your space!

  4. thank you so much for visiting! I am a little obsessed with turquoise. I try to not go too overboard on it. I have to reign in my obsession a little…

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