kids… making my house a messy home

kids… making my house a messy home

My weekday mornings are always hectic, waking kids up, breakfast, dressed, packing lunches. Getting Nora off to the bus and Caleb off to preschool. Once that is done Gavin and I come home, have some playtime, start some laundry, do the morning dishes, pick up around the house. The usual, nothing too exciting or different. Well while doing these little mundane things, these two things happened. The books exploded out of the book shelf, and apparently there is a major traffic jam on the coffee table. This is not the worst of the worst, I will not show you the tornado that is my kids toys in their bedroom’s or playroom. That would be a little too much honesty for today. But these two “additions” sprung up so fast it is a talent I say. Serious mess makers only reside in this house. Kids man, they make my house wonderful and very, VERY lived in!




  1. Story of my life! I hate all the little messes I have to clean up but it just wouldn't be home without my little mess makers!

  2. This is so true, I can't stand the mess but a perfectly clean, immaculate house just would not be right. My mess monsters are my favorite part of my home, always!

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