Hometalk sharing my project

Hometalk sharing my project


we are loosing our minds with excitement!

There are some exciting things happening to my blog and my projects. I know they are small in comparison to others accomplishments but to me it is amazing. Hometalk has shared my project with their readership. I have been a fan of Hometalk for a while now, sharing my projects and seeing what other talented people have to offer. I was so honored when they notified me that my daughter’s pink chair redo was being shared by them. To know that my little ideas are being shared by others is amazing.

I know nothing big to most but to me this kind of…. sort of….  made my day. You can see the share at Hometalks Facebook page. I have a few new-ish things coming up in the next few weeks for this blog. It is growing and changing and I am so excited about it. Thank you to my faithful readers as well as my new readers. Come sit back, enjoy, maybe get a few ideas. If you want to hear more from me you can subscribe to my e-mail listing or my Facebook, twitter or Pinterest page. All on the right hand side under the follow me category. Welcome one and all!




  1. Wow you little blog is growing so fast and I am one of the lucky few that found it in the begging and I get to watch it grow, I just hope you will not forgot about the little people that helped it along the way. just kidding it is all you I just read and take up space with comments. keep up the amazing work.

  2. Bob, thank you so much. You were one of my first comments if not the first. I am so exited with what is happening. We will see where this goes. But I am so thankful for every reader and enjoy what they all have to say. You included. Thank you for the continued support!

    Emily- Our house now a home

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