a flower shopping we will go

a flower shopping we will go

our green house loot
That picture is from flower shopping trip number 1 of this season for us. There have been two done now. So far. I am sure there will be more. We go a little flower crazy here at Our Home. Maybe it is because I am from Southern California and used to being outside. Or because we have such long winters when it is warm we are out and enjoying our yard. Enjoying a part of our home we only get 4 months to enjoy. Either way it is gardening time in our home all the time. We always cringe at the amount once all totaled at the flower store, and tell ourselves that we got so much that next year we wont need much. Says us EVERY YEAR! This is a sacrifice that we are willing to make. We also purchase 90% of our flowers from local green houses or flower shops. This year we had to go to a big store for some new rose bushes, our go to local farm/green house did not have any. Support the local growers, they are your neighbors. They also are always more willing to assist you with any questions and flower selections. We made some rookie mistakes the first year and paid the price of dead flowers with too much/ too little sun. Our choice farm to go to Simons Garden sells through out our area but their green house is 5 minutes from us. They have been amazing in pointing us down the right path of gardening and care.

the Hibiscus, it may or may not last through winter but we will give it our best shot


they attract humming birds, how awesome is that?
We got so many great things, Gerber Daisies, Geraniums, a hanging planter not pictured, a little this, a little that. It was a good day. A few weekends later we went again. We are redoing some of the front planters in our yard, getting rid of evergreen bushes and some dead or dying plants and adding ones that bloom. We love us some blooming flowers.
My Grandma plants one of these by the front door of every house we lived in growing up, this smells like home


Star Jasmine, gorgeous
lets hope these are hearty enough. They are sub zero and will be ok in -30 temperatures. We might be ok, possibly
On this trip we got Star Jasmine (so fragrant), Hibiscus, sub zero roses. My roses have sort of made it through winter. Two of my five rose bushes have some new stems sprouting up. Three went to rose bush heaven, where “Every rose has its thorn” is playing on loop I am sure. Yes, rose heaven includes hearing Bret Michaels on repeat. No joking around, that is an ok song from the 80’s. Ok, that went random. Lets get back….
 The first small blooms of the lilacs, not too fragrant yet but it will get there
Flowers! We have not planted them all yet. there is some digging out of old to put in the new first. That takes some muscle, sweat, and my Hubby’s big arms to do the job. We have officially skipped spring here in Wisconsin and moved onto summer I believe. It is hot, humid, and wonderful. We have the sand box filled, the water table for the kids out. We are a flip flop wearing, sunscreen applying, eating Popsicle’s to cool off family now. School is almost out and I have so many plans!





  1. Thanks for the link to Simons Garden to bad tehy are not near me. That is a great idea to go local like that I need to do that more.

  2. I am sure there are some local growers in your area. That was more of my goal, to get people to look local. Not specifically Simon's Garden, even though they are awesome. Have fun flower shopping!

    Emily- Our house now a home

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