vacation pictures, who takes them?

vacation pictures, who takes them?

enjoying the lazy river

My family and I  are currently on vacation. A little spring break get away. We are at the Wisconsin Dells staying at the Wilderness Resort. There is three indoor water parks and a huge wave pool. As I speak (or write) I am using the hotels free wifi, my husbands lap top, sitting on our hotel room couch in the living room. My kids are “sleeping” right now. When I say sleeping I mean tossing, turning, fighting, whining, and me or my husband going in telling them to lay down and go to sleep. Vacations are fun, but so much work.

let the vacation start

I am a huge fan of taking pictures of my family. I always try to be present and in the moment but also take a picture or two of something special. To capture that moment in time. Vacations are tough though. There are so many great moments. Things your kids want to try, new places to go and see. Fun, laughter, giggles, love. It is all present. And I want to capture those moments. But I DO NOT want to be the Mom behind the camera all the time. Not taking part in the fun, just taking pictures of the fun.



So far on this trip I have taken the camera with me one time in the water park. So the balance has been, “hey we need some pictures to prove we went here.” I don’t know who these people are that get great pictures of their kids on vacation. I have gotten blurry images, tops of heads, backs of heads, grimaces, forced pose, or splashed face pictures. That is it. Where are the magical moments my kids and I will look back on so fondly. The true Kodak moment of the perfect lighting, just right trickle of water and the smile of all smiles from my kids? Not in these pictures.


This go around they are all in my memories. Those moments of perfection are not in one picture. But all up here my friend (I am pointing to my head) The kids laughing. Nora telling me on the drive here “I have butterflies in my belly I am so excited!” My two oldest being brave enough to go down the water slide, and the complete terror on their face once they got to the bottom. But they raced back up again. Gavin holding onto me so tight in the water and me just holding my smallest right back as tight, enjoying the fact he is stil small enough to hold,  Caleb shouting “Mommy” with so much excitement he is giddy, The “Mommy I love you.”s too many times to count,  the quiet moments in the lazy river with my Little’s and my main man, the pillow fight in the hotel room, my kids laughing so hard they fall over, eating way too much dessert at the buffet. These are where the snapshots rest. I should look into a professional photographer for any big trips. I will want to be in the moments but capture the moments. Yeah, just hire someone. Our big vacation I will be rich and high maintenance. But for now I made the balance by forgetting about the camera for two days, and then taking awkward, un focused, or forced pictures. Oh well, at least our kids can never say we never went anywhere.

can you say exhausted? Bed time!

And now I am off to enjoy the quiet, the kids are officially asleep. And my husband is down stairs getting a yummy dessert from the restaurant for us to enjoy. Tomorrow is our last day. I am saddened but relieved. Vacation with little kids is just as much work as it is fun. And we have had a lot of fun! I hope your weekend has been great, and rest up, the week starts soon.



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