Pirate Birthday party

Pirate Birthday party


The proud Birthday boy


Alright, who is in a food, Easter candy, hoopla fog? You too? I am very slow going today. We celebrated Easter yesterday, had a wonderful day. And all this week my kids are on Spring Break. So to say my mind and body are going slow would be a very big understatement, I am on school break mode. Meaning, relaxed and layed back. This morning the kids and I slept in until 8:20! Amazing! I had to drag my never a morning person Nora out of bed at 9am. We are slow moving. So because of that this post is a little late. Sorry about that. But hey, it is Monday after a Holiday, I feel like I am doing good.

I think this totally resembles a pirate ship, don’t they decorate in balloons and banners?

So far your lovely viewership pleasure I am showing you my son Gavin’s 3rd birthday party from last weekend. It was Pirate themed. And arrrrrent you excited to see it? I had to do it, I was trying to find a good way to add the pirate vernacular to this post. Job well done I think…. ok. We achieved this pirate theme by adding some pirate balloons, a pirate sign, some anchors, some Pirates Booty bags of snacks, a treasure chest and hunt (I will be making a separate post of the steps to make this fun treasure hunt happen), and some pirate decor on the dining room table.

sign courtesy of my parents, they gave it to the kids after a trip they took
and it fit in with the theme

This was such a fun day, and really a very fun birthday theme. My 4 year old son Caleb has already stated he wants a pirate birthday party for his next one. So I consider that a job well done if I do say so myself. My very talented mother in law made the awesome pirate birthday cake. It is actually a bunch of cupcakes grouped together. She is so talented, and they always taste as good as they look. Each child attending got a party bag with a sword or hook for them to wear, some pirate tattoos, a pirate hat. The treasure loot had an eye patch for each kid and a bunch of coins of course.

The traditional birthday banner


“anchors away!”




This is the food area, I always try to have everything out and on hand for guests. It has minimized greatly me having to get things out or answer questions to guest. This way I can enjoy the day and the company. The little cups were bought at Wal Mart and I added the chalk board paint. Same with the drink dispenser. Obviously the lemonade was not in it yet. These are all pre party pictures. Next party I should take a picture after, see the real destruction!


all the things ready for food




the snack bags are pirates booty, that was my Gavin’s one request for food


the clues for the treasure hunt


the loot


we had pasta salad and fruit salad for snacks


The cake, so cute


he could not wait to dig in


my crew, so excited to celebrate Gavin’s big day


my and my guy on his actual birthday celebrating
my little man, I can still feel him in my arms

It was a great day, great company, great decor (If I do say so myself) and a great boy to celebrate being one year older. I will be working on and posting more details on the treasure hunt later in the week. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and Easter for those that celebrate. And have an even better start to the week! I am off to start this here Spring Break with my kiddos.


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