small reveal part 3

small reveal part 3

I am going to do a project reveal on Friday. It is not huge but I am quite proud of it. So every day this week I will give a small reveal of the project and by Friday the project will be revealed in all of it’s glory. Here we are at part 3 reveal. One more day of hints and then the big she-bang! Meaning the project is the she-bang. Yes it is that awesome.

So today we have…..

Some stunning pictures purchased from a family friend photographer. These pictures are from my two favorite beaches in So Cal. Tamarack beach in Carlsbad CA, and the Oceanside pier respectively. These were the go to beach for my family and friends. So these are going to be included, somehow. Obviously on the wall, duh they are pictures. I know I am really stretching decorating norms here. Putting pictures on a wall… the insanity!


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