small reveal part 1

small reveal part 1

I am going to do a project reveal on Friday. It is not huge but I am quite proud of it. So every day this week I will give a small reveal of the project and by Friday the project will be revealed in all of it’s glory. This one is somewhat close to my heart. It brings me back to my home, my childhood, my home town. I grew up in San Diego California, going to the beach, enjoying the sun, being barefoot, running through sprinklers year around. I wanted to bring a little bit of my home town to my home now.

So drum roll please, reveal part 1 is…..

A glue gun, to give you even more details and hints…. wait for it… a HOT glue gun. Yep that is it. Hold on tight this is going to be a subtle reveal rode to Friday. The project needed a hot glue gun to finish it. I promise I will get slightly more specific tomorrow, a little. It goes without saying some nails were needed as well. So there a freebie, a two for one to kick things off. Any guesses yet?


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