re doing a tray

re doing a tray

Alright people, it is Monday. And I have had a dozy of a weekend. My son Gavin’s party was on Saturday and we discovered a Tick (ick) on my son Caleb’s head, under his hair on Sunday. All is good, it was a wood Tick, which I guess is the best kind of Tick to get, little to no chance of Lyme disease so that was nice. But we had a very exciting weekend. Today is Gavin’s actual Birthday. He is three, my baby is three. So weird.


Anyway’s. I have been all about spring, and projects, and fun little ways to update without a whole redo. I have found some tired pieces that never seemed to fit, or were forgotten in the basement and tried to find ways to make them work. And this here is one of those. We had this tray, I don’t know when or how we got it. But the colors are red and orange. The tray bottom had a flower motif going on. It went with the old decor, but once I went decorating crazy this was out. For some reason I never let this go… but I never used it either. Well now I do!

I painted it. DUH. I liked the dark wood look of the sides of the tray but the center was my issue. So getting my trusty painters tape I went to work readying this little piece for beautification. I taped up the inside sides, the handles holes and that was it.


Then I used a Robins Egg blue spray paint, going sides to side spraying lightly to get coverage and not drips. I did this a few times, taking my time. I only did one coat, but the coat was pretty thick. I was able to cake it on because of layering it slowly.

starting the layer of spray paint, slowly but surely




all done, waiting for this is like waiting for paint to dry… hahaha!

There it is, the new tray all ready to be used and abused. This is such a simple way to make something works that no longer does. Instead of throwing it out, make it work for you. I can use this as dining room table decor, coffee table decor, a party serving tray, anything. Super simple and super fast.

much better, now I will use it


a tiny whoops with the paint, but overall a great look



the tray now being displayed with my paper flowers


paper flower tutorial can be found here

Alright, that is all I have of my decoration ideas for today. We are celebrating a little boy who is three today. Enjoy the start to you week!

my joy, my forever baby boy, Gavin
cherish the moments, they go so fast
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  1. What a cutie 🙂 Love the redo tray 🙂 I bet you have more ideas by now! lol

  2. Thank you, he is my favorite little 3 year old Gavin around. And I feel like I go through spurts with ideas. Sometimes I am bursting and other times bored and drawing a blank. Thank you so much for your support!

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