projects, projects everywhere

projects, projects everywhere


sometimes when you have a lot to do you act crazy instead of going crazy!

I feel like lately my husband and I have been busy on weekends and evenings after the kids go to bed doing projects around the house. But I feel like I have nothing to show for it. We have some long winded, multiple step projects going. Some that just need a few finishing touches. And some that are ready to be started once we find time. So here is my list…

*Finish painting and attach baseboards
notice the missing base boards under the wainscoting, whoops


*touch up painted trim


*finish scraping, priming and painting outdoor furniture


*paint bench in dining room


*buy and put on drawer handles on dresser in Nora’s room
the dresser and temporary handles
*build or buy book shelf for Nora’s room


*finish new wall design with shells
                                                  so these are being used for something with shells…


*decide a design for feature wall in the study


*use palettes and complete previously listed feature wall
*paint basement staircase
*stain stairs steps on basement staircase
*repair and repaint wainscoting that is cracking
*re paint and reupholster bench in garage bought from craigslist
*order new pictures of my family for our photo wall, they are well over a year old


*paint master bathroom


*sand trim and paint trim in bathroom
*find and buy ceiling light for dining room and laundry room
*spruce up front porch decor (once it warms up)
      *use left over bricks to make a small patio in back of yard
this is where the small patio will go

I could go on. Of course it is rounding into spring so flower beds need to be weeded, new flowers planted. Pruning of roses, lilacs, hydrangeas, and hyacinth. We have to feed, dress, entertain, taxi, and love three little people all the time. Laundry, cooking, cleaning, SPRING CLEANING, ugh….. so much to do and  never enough time to do it. I am sure I am forgetting many things but this is my current list of in process projects and ones that are waiting in the wings needing to get done. I always say, “if we just finish this.” “once all of this is done” but I am absolutely certain that this will be my life. Projects, changes, rearranging. I truly do love it. And thankfully so does my husband. But there is a bit of stress seeing the list and wondering how and when it will all get done while still being a 100% present wife and Mommy. How do we do it all?

What are some of the projects on your list?





  1. Figure out an amazing mothers day gift for someone amazing mom that you may or may not know.

  2. Nice list; I think you need a few more. I have a few like paint dining room table I don't like the wood any more and would like some more color in the room I hate not finishing a project before starting another. and the cost of most of my ideas prevent me from doing any of them. So I life vicariously through bloggers like your self.

  3. Dale, I may or may not possibly know who you are talking about. And yes, that Mothers Day gift is important because it sets the tone for Fathers Day 😉

  4. Bob, happy my hectic life and projects entertain you. I understand about not finishing a project before beginning another one. My husband is the same way. I get too antsy and excited for the next project to not start it. And good luck with your dining room table, painting anything is the best and cheapest way to change up a space

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