paper flowers

paper flowers

It is Tuesday right?… NO!… where did yesterday go? Alright, I know it is Wednesday and I am now officially two days late on this post. I know. Get it together, but I did and here it is. I am all about spring right now. Bringing in warmth, light and life into my house. Let the fresh air in and enjoy it. So I wanted to try a few DIY craft projects. I have seen a lot of inspiration for flowers, and some with paper flower’s. But all of the ones I have seen have used some printing thing that makes the flowers spiraled. I don’t really know. All I know is I don’t have one. I do have scissors, a glue gun, and hands to do it.

So armed with my trusty glue gun, a book of scrap booking paper, and scissors I got to work making a garden of flowers.

the paper

Now because I did not realize this until I got home and started doing this I got the wrong paper. I should have gotten paper with color and the images printed on both sides. See, always think things through.

the not folded paper made into a flower, it looks ok from the side
view from the top, you can see the white side of the paper.
So you MUST have pattern on both sides of the paper


 I was able to fix this really easily by folding the paper in half and then using it. But it would have been even EASIER if I had gotten double sided print paper. Oh well, you live and learn. YOU learn, I lived this mistake already.


the folded in half paper

Once the paper was folded in half I was ready to go. You can either cut this big one, or like I did use or cut the paper in half. So I got two flowers out of this one folded paper.

Next step was to cut, this can be done by either drawing a swirl on the paper or cutting it. I just cut, I am a rebel like that. Because I was making flowers I figured perfection was not needed. Variances in size of swirls was fine, and wanted. I cut on the outside working my way in, leaving around a 1 inch thick line between swirl cuts. Give or take, again not perfect was perfect for this project.
yes the color changed, realized I needed a view of the finished swirl

Once done I had a coil, spring like paper. As you can see, all with different thickness. The next step was the hardest. Take the outside end and roll into the swirl. Keep it as tight as possible.

starting the rolling of the swirl


keep it tight to the very end

This was difficult because with the paper being cut in a curve the paper wanted to unroll, or roll far to one side. If when rolling you have some paper sliding on top or bottom that is fine. I found the finished flower looked nice with some different height pieces to the individual flower. Once you get to the center, leave the very center unrolled. That becomes the bottom of the flower that you attach the “petal” part to. Secure with your hands the still tightly coiled flower to the bottom (no glue yet).

attaching the petal part to the center, which turns into the bottom of the flower


finished with the rolling, still holding tight

Once that is as secure as possible while holding it, slowly, SLOWLY, uncoil the flower. Still hold the bottom and keep your fingers around the flower. Just let it loose and open little by little. Each flower will have different looks so some you will want to let open and uncurl a lot while others you will like to be small and tight still. This is all your preference and what you need for your project. The more you uncoil the bigger the flower.


starting to un coil the flower


un coiling


the flower has bloomed!

When I decided that the flower looked right, I made sure the bottom of the flower was still attached to the flower petals.

Then hot glue gun time, I used a low setting for the glue gun for this project. And put a generous dab of glue on the center of the bottom. Then press down the center of the flower to the glue. There was a lot of times with the flower that I needed to glue some other pieces either to each other or the sides. Also because I had a folded flower, some needed to be gluesd together to cover up the white paper. But this is all depending on the flower. Just hold the piece you glue, make sure it sets. Otherwise the flower will start to unravel more.
The glue for me set pretty fast. I usually had to hold it down for a few seconds before it was holding fine.
Next step, make the swirl flower thing look like a fully bloomed flower. Add leaves! This was done by cutting out leaf shapes from a piece of green paper from my book of paper.
I tried to have a variety of sizes, and shaped leaves. I also had some flowers with one and some with two. Just depending on what the flower needed. I attached them to the flower by the underside bottom of the flower. I also changed up the location of the leaves, sometimes I put the two together, and other times they were on opposite sides of the flower. Play around with it.
I also changed up the size of paper I used, sometimes using half the paper for bigger flowers and other times cutting it into fourths, then folding it for much smaller flowers. This was I had a variety of flowers to use. You can also change the appearance of the flowers by making the cut swirl lines further apart or closer together. Further apart and the flower appears taller.


this one was made with further apart lines being cut, the flower has some taller parts to it
my group of flowers in my newly painted wood basket


I love all of the colors




bringing a little spring into the house


a very simple table decor project
And there it is, my fully bloomed paper flower. Just repeat steps.. oh 30 times and you have a pretty bouquet of flowers. I don’t think they really resemble any other real flower. No one will be confusing them for real. But they give some fun and color to the room. It was a fun, and simple project that even my kids got to help with. And when I say help, I mean me doing it all for them and manipulating their little hands to “help” me. I have set some on my fireplace mantle to add to the spring decor. You could attach them to a spring sign. I have put them on my dinner table. Some in a glass hurricane would be fun too. Set one on each place setting for your fancy Easter brunch. Glue them to a slip of paper and roll around a napkin for another place setting idea. The options are endless, and since they are paper they wont wilt. And you can easily make more. Have fun!
these are a few pictures of another table decor I had thought of using



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  1. They look so cute all grouped together!

  2. I like them all grouped together too, all of the colors make it work

  3. Succulents are so popular right now. You could tweak the design and make different succulent colors, shapes! We are so going to do a lot of this (me and my 9 yr-old granddaughter)!

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