painting outdoor furniture fail

painting outdoor furniture fail


So this is a cautionary tale for all. This hunk of chipped paint that we call patio furniture is my proof of being lazy. We inherited this furniture from family. It is old and rickety. So two years ago I decided to liven it up and paint it. It was cute, yellow, bright, sunny and so easy. I just simply painted the yellow onto the chipped stain.




trying to make my laziness right, a lot of scraping

BIG mistake, huge. It looked pretty for half the summer, and then little chips here and there. By the next summer it looked bad. Of course I did what most do, put it in our shed for the winter and decided to worry about it later. Well later is here. It is warm and I want a seating area outside. So I am doing it right this time, scraping, sanding, primer and then paint. This is what we will be doing for a few weekends. I wanted to have it done by this Saturday because it is my son’s birthday party but that is not happening.

breaking out the big guns, sanding, ugh!


my poor husband, hard at work
these boys, our constant helpers. My daughter always disappears… weird

So please all, learn from me. Scraping and sanding one coat of chipped stain is much easier then doing it with paint and stain. Also prime it, and get outdoor paint. All things I did not do the first time. I guess the lesson to learn is to do it right the first time, because it is twice the work the second. Well, on a much happier note I am off to organize a pirate party. Have a wonderful weekend. And if you are repairing and painting furniture, remember my furniture and do it right…


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  1. The kids look like they have a great time.

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