Moss decor and my spring fireplace mantle

Moss decor and my spring fireplace mantle

Spring is sprung. Well depending on the day. Here in Wisconsin it was spring yesterday, birds chirping 50 degree weather and wonderful. Today it is 30 degrees outside and cold. But still, spring is here. So I am looking for ways to brighten up my house. Give it a fresh new feel for this fresh new (eventual) warmer weather.

today is brought to you by the letter B, and Me.
(And my dog Teddy in the background)

I love my fireplace and mantle, and so that was the first place I always look to decorate and change up. I do have a fair amount of Easter decor but I wanted a few new spring things. Not just holiday decor. Being inspired by so much one thing that sticks out to me is greenery in spring. I wanted to use moss. So I thought of a wreath of moss would do the trick. While I was getting my wreath stuff I saw some big letters. I decided to revise my moss wreath and turn it into a moss “B”. For our last name. I got…

*One big letter B
*A bag of moss that rolls out like paper
*and glue gun sticks

the supplies

First and foremost DO THIS OUTSIDE! The moss got everywhere, I had not planned on doing it outside until I went to take the moss out of the bag and it went all over the floor. Outside we went. I unrolled the moss and set down the B on the moss to trace around it.

Once the outside was traced and cut, I traced the inside of the B’s with a pen and then popped a hole and cut it out.
all cut and ready for glue

I used a hot glue gun for this. I guess you could use regular glue but I would recommend a hot glue gun. I glued it piece by piece to make sure it was all lined up and straight. This was if I needed to I could adjust it without having it all glues down. My husband would glue a portion then I would roll it down and smush it onto the glue. That’s right, smush it into the glue. The very professional, technical term for doing this project.

Because I just did the front of the B there was still the inside and the sides to do. I sort of winged this part. I took the B to see how wide the side was, then cut a large enough portion off of the moss paper. I got a long, thin strip of moss.
Once the long strip of moss was cut, and I made sure it was long enough; I had my husband glue a portion then I laid the moss down. Team work. I rotated the B around while we wrapped the sides and interior of the B. The biggest thing to remember here is to push in the sides good. There is a little bit of a seam that you can see with the front moss and the side moss, but if the side is pushed down further then the front; the seam is almost invisible from the front. Which is how you look at the letter anyways.
I had planned on attaching string to the top and gluing it on the back. I did this but then decided I did not want that attached permanently. This was I can attach one and hang it if I want or use it as a table or fireplace mantle decor. Which is what I decided to use it as.


The moss B is done






I also dressed up my fireplace mantle by taking bits and pieces from others rooms and making them work together. I grabbed one picture from our guest bedroom that has some flowers on it. Some small vases with flowers, and some white vases with flowers. I wanted pops of light and life in the room. I also made a sign super fast (with a lot of mistakes) that says spring. The letters did not turn out the best, but it does make the space look fun. I will be posting a tutorial on the sign early next week. I think when decorating a new space the first place you should look is around your house. I got all but the letter stuff from around the house. I would have never put these pieces together, but in thinking of spring they work. And feel new again. I also got to re arrange other things in the house which always makes it feel fresh.







So there you go my friends. Spring is here. I am working a few other little ways to let some sunshine and spring into my home with some more projects. I am getting into this crafting thing just as much as this decorating thing. Watch out world I have a hot glue gun and I am not afraid to use it!




  1. Cool idea any other ideas with moss that I can steal and pass off as my own to my family that is coming in for Easter?

  2. Oh there is so many moss ideas, if you have glass hurricanes you can line the bottom with moss and place eggs in it. I am currently working on making some moss balls to put on a table or in a vase. Good luck with your family for Easter!

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