It is Friday, and in my house also the first day of Spring Break for my kids. I am both excited and apprehensive to have my kids home all day. The idea of fun, relaxing, sleeping in, activities, and family time is very appealing. But the reality will mean, waking up early still, bored kids, fighting, Mommy being the playmate. But I do miss my two little ones who are in school, and cuddles and laughs in the middle of the day with them is a wonderful luxury I can’t wait to partake in. Oh yeah, bring on Spring Break.

It is also Easter weekend. And I have not shared my Easter decor. I have taken a minimalist feel with this years Easter. Most of my previous Easter decor was inherited from others. And while they are nice and cute, they are not me. I am slowly coming into my own with holiday decor. So my holiday decor is on the smaller side right now. I have lots of ideas but time is needed and I don’t have too much of it. But anyways, here is my humble abode ready for the Easter Bunny.
glass hurricanes are the best holiday decor accessory, I fill them with a lot of holiday goodies and are so easy to do.
Eggs are the accessory of the week for Easter


the fireplace mantle is my favorite place to update the decorating




bunnies, bunnies everywhere in the dining room



a little Easter tree with my paper flowers on the dinning room table


a cute, fun, way to decorate with this little tree



brightening up the kitchen with spring



pops of color scream Easter and Spring to me


a little bit of sunshine on the porch


welcoming in Easter to our home


It is not much, but it definitely gets the kids excited about Easter. With my kids being little some visuals on the upcoming holiday makes it even more real and impending. We have for years hosted my husband’s parents and his sister’s families at our house for an egg hunt and Easter lunch. But this year we are not doing that, they all seem to be going to the in laws this year. While I have enjoyed hosting in years past this Easter falls between my son Gavin’s birthday party, which we had a ton of people over for. And the following weekend after Easter we are taking a long weekend small getaway with the kids. Busy would not begin to describe these few weeks, so planning and setting up for Easter festivities on top of it would be a lot. The in laws all going elsewhere was a blessing in disguise. Next year I hope to have the tradition back. Of course the Easter Bunny will be hopping by this house, as well as festivities with my side of the family. I feel that Easter is a great way to bring in Spring and enjoy family. I hope you enjoyed my little house tour of Easter. Happy Friday and happy Easter!




  1. Sweet decorations. I love your fireplace and how you decorated it. Have a fun time with the kids. They can be exhausting but they grow up really fast. Enjoy.

  2. Thank you Debby, the fireplace is one of my favorite places to decorate. I will have fun with them, I am already seeing how fast they grow. You have a great Easter too!

  3. Very pretty! Thank you for sharing your decor at the Bacon Time linky.

  4. Thank you for stopping by! I love the link parties, I was inspired by so many people's things they shared

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