HGTV smart home 2014

I obviously am a huge house architecture and decorating fan. So anytime I find a house with all the info and floor plans I am all over it. HGTV has made it really easy for me to house stalk. Their HGTV Smart home 2014 is done. And it is a beauty.


There is a whole lot of “smart” things. Alarm system, camera, climate control, really control everything from an ipad. I am talking window shades opening, doors locking, everything. I know that there are some homes that have this but I am amazed by what is possible. To name a few more is plant monitor systems, to monitor how healthy your house plants are and tell you when to water them, smartphone entry, music system throughout house can be synced from any phone. But the things that make me excited is in the pretty stuff. The house is English Country architecture in Nashville Tennessee. There are three bedrooms, a finished basement,  a kids den upstairs, and a TON of TV’s. The Tv’s even pop out of furniture, are hidden until you want them. Which I love, because I love my TV but it is so big and not aesthetically pleasing. But they take care of that.

I love the balance of rustic with barn doors, older looking wood floors, wood details on the walls. But with a modern more simplistic feel to it. The perfect marriage of the two is in this home. All of the  ceiling lights are stunning and so on point. I love me some oil rubbed bronze antique light fixtures. Even if they are pretending to be antique, they are still beautiful. And the blue, now obviously I love decorating with blue, and the darker tinted blue in this home is amazing. Something I would not use, but it is so homey and grounded. It truly makes the space feel warm. There is so much, I could go on and on but I will let you enjoy the pictures. There is also a ton more pictures and videos at HGTV. Enjoy here and go and enjoy even more inside and behing the scenes information there. And take notes, there are some definite things I am now adding to my wish list because of this here humble abode in Tennessee.



There are some things I adore about this house. The living room is amazing. It has vaulted ceilings, wood planks painted white. The colors in the home is flawless. There is a contemporary but country feel to it. And the flow of the house is exactly what a family needs. Open concept but with enough separation to give each family member their own nook to be in.






The master bedroom is great. Very grand but feeling homey. The colors and textures in it feel very rich and warm. But there is a formality to it that is nice. I can see anyone coming in this room and being able to zone out and relax, take a small break from the busy life we all lead. Also, yay for more pops of blue!




Ahhhhh, the kitchen. It is a bit on the small side, but the function of it is amazing. All of the space is utilized. The color of the cabinets are great. I am loving the pops of color in this house. The island/table is a great idea to use the space for both preparation and eating. The breakfast bar/pantry is a idea I am seeing more and more in new homes. The place you can go to for a quick meal. The one stop shop for waking up. I would become obsessed with making sure I have pretty things shelved there though.






My favorite part, the piece that I am now frantically trying to figure out how to incorporate into my house is the dark blue wall in the upstairs kids den. The box’s in the wood work is amazing. The dark blue is surprisingly bright. This whole room is perfection to me. Maybe that can be my plan for the study wall in my house. The ceiling light also is possibly making me drool a little with envy, a little…. OK, a lot.





Overall it is a very beautiful and stylized house. I did find it odd there was no office or mud room. For newly built homes those are almost mandatory now. But the dining room with the barn doors can easily be turned into an office with a lap top. There is so many options, and like I said the space in the home is utilized from floor to ceiling. It is fun, young, beautiful, and I am sure the envy of the neighborhood it is built in. This house has some great visuals going on. I can see a family moving in and making it their home with little more then adding their own personal touches.



I am currently trying to decide if I should enter and make the move to Nashville. On one hand I get a impeccably designed house with the upgrades that my house will never have. But there is another part of me that wonders if I would be happy with a home completely done. I like putting my own stamp on things, re arranging and redoing things. But I would feel beyond guilty redoing a brand new home. Anyways, there is a ton of pictures and tour of the home on HGTV. You can also enter here. It is a beautiful home, with everything thought out and done top notch. You can enter now until June 9th.



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