car tray improvement

car tray improvement


We are back, it is Monday and our Spring break vacation is over. No more hotel room, fun in water, room service, maid service. It is back to reality. And I am back to share a lovely little hack I have put to wonderful use, including this past weekend. We have a lot of family out of state. We live in Wisconsin and my family is in California, and all of my husband’s extended family is in Minnesota. We do a fair amount of driving to visit a few times a year. So long car rides mean eating in the car, bored kids, toys, crayons, paper all of it. I have a little car tray hack to make your life easy and keep the kids happy.
the flawed tray, it bends
before it was improved upon
A few years ago I purchased 3 car trays. They have a snap to attach them to the car seats, a border on the top of the tray so things don’t roll off, and some mesh pockets to hold things. The one thing I was not happy about was the top of the tray was soft. So for more then setting a book on top it does not get the job done. I hacked them.
the MDF board



obviously very thing and light weight


the curve, to fit the curve of the original tray
We took some left over MDF board from our wainscoting and cut it down to size. We traced the tray on the board and then my husband cut it with a circular saw for the straight edge, and then a scroll saw for the curved edge. He says you could use a hand saw as well, because MDF boards is just compressed cardboard. So any saw will do.
the tray works great for toys


Once they were cut, I used some left over paint to pretty it up of course. I painted them, wrote each of their names and traced their hand prints. The yellow was left over yellow from our outdoor furniture. And the hand print paint was leftover from other projects too. The MDF boards just shimmy right into the border of the tray top. I never connected them. They do slide in and out but once slid in they stay put. They are so functional now, they hold food, sippy cups, cars, dolls, crayons, paper, books, all of it. The toughness of the MDF make all of that possible.
They love their tray’s
I am sure there are trays with a hard surface but I was not lucky enough to buy those. These get the job done, and they are personalized. My kind of thing to have. And the kids love them for function and because their names are on them. A hack that is more functional and cuter then before. It is a win win!


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