What could I be up to?

What could I be up to?

Here is a little something to get you all thinking. I am doing a little project, a tiny one. It is costing me absolutely nothing because I have all of the pieces. Oh, this is too much fun. I know it could be anything. Another clue?


Ok, I am using my kids Melissa and Doug toy containers. For those that don’t know these are over priced but awesome wooden toys for kids. My kids have food, cup cakes, dolls, puzzles, the list goes on. Most of the toys come in these really cute wooden, flat containers. And with my husband being a pack rat, and me trying to reuse everything to single handedly save the planet we have not gotten rid of any of the wooden toy containers. The toys have all been organized or lost in my kids room. But the wooden containers live on, in my basement.


Until now. Here let me give a little more, I am painting them. That is it, what could I be doing with them you ask? Well I can’t show or tell you. Because it is too much fun this way, and also I only have them painted. The rest will come, soon. So here is my weekend afternoon project. What is yours? Also can anyone guess what I am using them for?


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