lights before

lights before

simple ceiling light updates

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I am always surprised by how much ceiling lights cost. Flush mount, semi flush, chandelier, gold, oil rubbed bronze. It is all so much information and so much money. I am always one to splurge on something here and there, but for some unbeknownst reason to me ceiling lights is something I cannot bring myself to spend a chunk of money on.

the hallway lights, and my dog Teddy


the lights match the door handles


With that being said I adore decorating my home, from floor to ceiling. The finished product of a fully decorated room looks great. I am so picky with the ceiling lights because there is so many to choose from and also THE PRICE. Even looking at places like ebay, amazon, Target, places that are usually great ways to find a good deal the ceiling lights are still pricey.

you can see the bubbling of the glass a little here

I have found ways of cheating, buy used gold ceiling lights and paint black to match our oil rubbed bronze door handles. Our hallway lights were purchased from Craigslist, they were used. I like the look of semi flush apothecary lights. They have some great detail and bubbled looking glass. I bought them a while ago and painted them long before this blog was going so I have no before pictures, but the one below shows mainly what they looked like.

Livex Lighting 5021-02 Legacy 3 Light Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture,Polished Brass
We purchased the two lights for $40 together. It was a really easy update, we simply took them apart, there is always screws and super easy ways to do this. Once it was taken apart, the pieces that were going to be painted were completely removed from the glass. So spray painting them black was quick and painless. I love the lights and the details in them. I am not sure how antique they are, but they sure are pretty. And I know a good deal when I see it.
the lights
There is so many ways to get this great deal, gold is out. Peruse anywhere on ebay, craigslist or local buy and sell page and there is listing after listing of gold light fixtures. Almost all can be purchased for a really great deal and updated with a paint of your choosing. A quick and cheap update, my favorite kind!



  1. Thank you! It was such an easy thing to do with a huge result

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