just some fun ideas

I am going to just put this out there for you all. I read a website called Buzz Feed. Most of the times it is random quizzes like which Disney princess you should be, or political mumbo jumbo. Anyways, while perusing this site I came across a little gem. It is a list of absolutely brilliant ideas for your home. Some are big ideas, some are small. Some is expensive, and some are super cheap. But they are all fun little ways to add just a little more you (and function) to your house.


These pictures are just a few examples of the awesome ideas they had in the article. I am definitely storing some of these for later. Some are do able now and some I need a bigger house to make room for these great ideas. But, they are still fun to see what others have done and ways I might incorporate a few of them into my space. And maybe you can in your house too.



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