inside a woman’s head at Target


In getting this blog back up and running I have found a little fun read for you all to enjoy over the weekend. I will be outside as much as possible since it is slightly warm here. Anyways, there is this ridiculously spot on article floating around on the interwebs about a woman’s shopping excursion in Target. It is amazing, and freakishly true. There is so many great points in the article. It basically says that women go to Target for something random, in this case hair spray. Take the loooong way around the store by going in every department. Become obsessed with mark downs, get things you don’t need. Spend too much money and end up forgetting the one thing you go in for.

I cannot relate to the forgetting what I need thing. With three kids it is a big endeavor to get all the kids to the store or to have someone watch them while I go. So when I do get out I make it worth it. There is no rest for the weary, or forgetting the hairspray you went for. But I can relate to the getting distracted thing. I always find myself saying “well I got this, we can go. But let me just go by the…” It is almost always the clearance rack for clothes, I mean $5.99 for a shirt. No I don’t need it but that is a good deal. Or the household area. Again I don’t need anything but I always look, get a few ideas. Or buy something that is so cute.

I also love the dollar bin area. That place is great, and so tempting. There is always these little treats and trinkets. I don’t know what it is this way with Target, but that store is beyond addicting. As I was writing up this post I mentioned to my husband that I can relate to the author of the article, because she leaves the store spending $200 or so in Target. I said I am not that bad but it is very rare I can leave with having spent under $100. His response… “I noticed”…. oops. Here I was proud of myself because spending $200 in one go seems crazy to me. I am soooo not like her. And my husband pretty much thinks, what is the difference. It is all things we don’t need. Target, the place we go to spend too much, get a lot, and need nothing.


This article makes me feel warm and fuzzy because now I know I am not alone. Other people waste time and money in a store with a big round target symbol on it. Yep, we can all bond over this affliction.



  1. Oh my gosh! I can so relate to all of that! Hilarious, but so true.

  2. When I read this I had to share.

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