glass hurricane with butterflies

glass hurricane with butterflies

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I figured since my last few posts have been about my daughter’s room I should keep the theme going. I am hoping within a short few weeks I can do a full reveal. So on this lovely Monday I am going to share a fun little project I did in her room. I found two glass hurricanes in Goodwill. I did not know what to do with them at the time, but they are 99 cents each and so pretty. I knew I could find something to do with them.

my finished project on her desk

Inspiration randomly hit when Nora mentioned she wanted some pet butterflies. So I did the natural thing a Mommy would do to give her daughter what she wants…. caught some butterflies and she now has pet butterflies. Um, no. I am obviously joking. I though of making a faux terrarium in the glass hurricanes that had been unused for a few weeks. Add in some butterflies, and voila pet butterflies. I was not fully sure of what I needed but figured a good trip to Michael’s would do the trick.

the supplies

I bought a small bag of green moss, some sticks, (it is winter and all my natural sticks are frozen to things or covered in snow), so store bought sticks it is, small clips to attach the butterflies to the sticks, and 5 butterflies from the scrap-booking area. They are small, but the wings do move and pop out.

With my finds I set to work making this half planned but fully dreamed idea come to fruition. The first thought was how to get the sticks to stay in the dome, and stand up. I traced the circle of the hurricanes on an empty cereal box pulled from our recycling bin. Cut out the hole, I had a bottom for my glass hurricanes. My first plan was to tape the sticks to the card board and then cover with moss. But the sticks did not hold up. So then I saw some small containers of play doh my kids had gotten from a birthday party bag. I stuck the play doh in the middle of the cardboard, stuck the stick in and it kept them up.

the cut circle from a cereal box


my creative use of play doh to make the stick stand
playing around with the placement of butterflies

Once I decided that would work I placed the sticks in the play doh, then measured the hurricane next to it to determine how long the sticks could be. I cut the sticks to that length, decided how many I wanted. Two in one and one long one in the other. I also split the butterflies up, putting two in one, and three in the other. I attached the butterflies by pinning them with small clips, situating the clip in the back, behind the wings. You can’t see the clip at all. Once those were situated and attached I placed the moss around the base to cover my oh so professional play doh up. Slid the glass hurricanes over it, made sure the butterflies did not need to be tweaked, then taped up the bottom. And Nora has some pet butterflies.

all taped up and ready for it’s reveal

I think if I were to change one thing, it would be to use a clear glass for the hurricanes. My uber fancy glass has a detail on it that makes it somewhat difficult to see the pretty butterflies. All of my hard work needs to be shown. Seriously though this was a very, VERY, easy and quick project. It adds such a sweet and whimsical appeal to my daughter’s room.


the pet butterflies in their new dome home


both of them done!


the new pets in Nora’s room


set up on her desk

So, there is a little mini project. I am working on a few larger projects and will be getting through them (fingers crossed). And ugh… it is Monday. We can do this people, stay strong and enjoy the day!

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