daughter’s birthday decorations

daughter’s birthday decorations

I realized I never shared my daughter Nora’s birthday decor. Yes it was over a month ago, but hey… yeah… here it is now. We did not do too much with her party this year. She had wanted a purple sock monkey party. While there is a whole lot of sock monkey decor for a party, purple is not the color of choice by anyone but my quirky girl. So I figured decorating purple with a sock monkey cake would do the trick. And honestly she, nor any kids cared one tiny bit it was not full blown sock monkey crazy.


Really aside from these pictures of the decor there is only a few tricks of the trade I picked up and put to use here. We tend to invite just family, in the family that always come there is 7 younger children. So one day at Wal-Mart I found these great plastic, wanna-be mason jar cups. But they have a screw top and a plastic straw. They were cute, and marked down about 75% off. Oh yeah, 7 of those bad boys flew into my cart on their own accord, I swear. Then 1 hour before the party started I got this brilliant idea of using some of my always handy chalk board paint to put on each cup, then the kids names can be written on them. No confusion, no spills, no getting more cups, all easy stuff. But the fact that it was one hour before the party started just goes to show my craziness, it is always chaos in this house. Controlled chaos, but nevertheless, chaos. But hey they were dry and each name was written and ready to go by party time.


The other thing I did was got some purple candy, rock candy on a stick and some chocolate thingy’s. They were sitting out for snacking for the adults and then at the end each child got to scoop some into a purple bag to take home. But each parent could choose how much their little ones got.



With any party at our house, I always have out a basket with utensils, and napkins. Cups, plates, serving spoons, and drinks are always out and ready. I have two very large glass beverage dispensers with spouts (for some reason no picture of these were taken, next time). They also have chalkboard paint on them to label what is in them. I always do this so there is no one asking where such and such is, what is the drinks, do you have any napkins? All questions that the host gets asked ten thousand times. I want to enjoy my kids parties so if I can minimize these things I do.  A few years ago we purchased about 30 plastic summer like cups and plates to reuse at parties. Yes, it is a little more work for clean up but one; they are prettier then paper plates, two; they hold food better so no falling food, and three; cleaning up after a party is never easy. So I choose to make the planet just a little greener while I load my dishwasher instead of throwing everything away.

We always decorate the table with some kind of ceiling decor. Sometimes it is some colorful swirly like things that hang down. This is what we did for my daughter, it gives it a fun, whimsical appeal. And of course balloons. I try not to go over board on balloons because I have flashbacks to weddings in the 80’s with an arch of balloons. Even then I thought it seemed tacky. And my kids birthday parties are not going down like that. Cute, fun, childlike, a little dreamy, but tacky is not happening. I think keeping all themes down to a minimum is needed. As with anything too much of one thing is just… well too much. Understated is always good. Even with kids parties, I know the ambiance does not hold a candle to activities, food, and gifts. Those kids barely see the balloons, unless it is to ask to play with them.

I really will get better at taking pictures of the whole thing, I took no pictures of food, drink holders, the living room, I am still learning to think of this here little blog while in the moment of doing things. My son’s birthday is in April and we are doing a pirate party. So I will have tons of fun little things planned and decorated. You guys will be picture bored by the time it gets done, I promise.

She is growing up way too fast

So, if there is a tip in this post it is to decorate for the occasion. In this case a 6 year old’s birthday party. It was colorful, fun, purple, and girly. Also the food, utensils, and other accouterments needed to eat are labeled and displayed. Do as much work and organization before the party that way even you, the hostest with the mostest can get down and enjoy the big day!



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