coffee table redo

coffee table redo

Tada! Coffee table re do

I gave a very tiny sneak peek of this project yesterday. But it is done. I talked in the past about how this coffee table was something that was needed, very much so, but not what I wanted. This coffee table was a dinner table with the legs cut down to the height of a coffee table. This table is solid and sturdy, but the look of it never sat well with me.

the table before, wayyy before


the big pile of wood


I was on a look out constantly for “the one”. The new coffee table that would replace this not so pretty one. But alas it never came. So I decided to take matters into my own hands (and my husband’s) and turn this table into the dream coffee table. I came up with this plan by first thinking a easy way to change it, well duh paint. But I wanted something more then that. I have seen a lot of tables lately where they have a wood plank top. For some reason I have been so drawn to these, a bit more rustic. So this was my idea.

We went to the store and bought 10, 3.5 x 3/4 inch, and 4 ft long wood planks. And 2, 8 ft long ones. I also selected a light gray paint. This was a hot topic for me that I went back and forth on, what to paint this table? I did not want white since the couch is white, I already have two blue painted tables in the living room, so the only other option I could think of was gray. I had thought of staining them a dark wood color, but with the floors being dark wood I thought that was out as well. So, back to the gray. I selected ultra interior Secret Passage color in a quart. It is a lighter gray.

ready to go

With these things in our cart we headed home and got to work. First, We 45 degree angle cut the boards for the sides. We used the longer boards for this. Doing one side, bringing it in, making sure it measured up, then cutting the length and 45 of the other side.

the 45 degree angle


cutting the corners of the side
lining up the boards before cutting the corners,
our dog Teddy inspecting our work

Once that was done, we put the table upside down with boards under it to give us the location of the side boards. I wanted the side boards to give an almost framing to the surface top boards. So we needed to know where to nail in the side boards. Because they would be above the surface of the current table top.

making sure the corners match up before nailing in anything
the boards that go on top set under to see where to attach the side framing boards


al nailed in and ready to go, as you can see my kids take this home redo stuff serious.
They bring their tools too
all corners match up, more or less

All was nailed in. There was a few placed that the 45 was not perfect and we had to go back and sand to smooth out slightly. After this was done, I turned the table over and brought in the top surface boards. We just placed them on haphazardly to see how they would lay. There was about 3 inches left over once the boards were put on. I decided to have it this way so that there could be a slight crack between the boards. To give it a rough look.

laying out the boards before cutting and gluing down
the framed up sides


an example of how the boards are laying inside the frame of the side boards

Then all 10 boards we cut down to size, to fit inside the frame. After rearranging some, to make sure they were not warped one way or big knots in it. We lathered on a bunch of wood glue to the surface of the old coffee table top. A TON. Then set down the boards, arranging them to all have a slight gap in between them. After this was done we set a huge book case on top of it and stuffed it with books. To add weight to the boards to get them pressed into the glue. We then vacated the premises of us and our little helpers for a few hours to let it sit. After a few hours out of the house we returned, put the kids to bed and got to work painting the table.

laying down the glue


laying it on thick
all weighted down, ready to make the glue stick. And paper towels to catch any drips though the corners

This again is a pretty easy and to the point process. Two containers of paint, two paintbrushes, and both my husband and I painting away while watching House Hunters on TV. Once one coat was done, we went in with a brush and tried to wedge it in between some of the larger cracks to make sure all visible boards were painted gray. Then one more coat was put on. Afterwards I also went through the cracks with some tooth picks to separate any paint that was trying to connect and make my lovely cracks disappear. And that is it my friends.

painting, always paint side to side. Going along with the grain
all painted


corners could be a little better but we can work on it with some more sanding


the color is gray, I promise…


this looks a lot more un even than the table actually appears. Things can sit on it with no problem or wiggling

I am planning on adding some antique hinges to the four corners on the side, but have not found what I am looking for yet. It is always something, right? But, the table is done and much better. It makes the space feel so much more put together. It now appears to be a well thought out room. I am proud of it and am convinced it was decor destiny for me to never find “the one” in a store. We should have made this table all along.

it is all in the finishing’s, and this baby is finished!


it makes the room so much brighter


please excuse my child, who is ignoring me perfectly fine.
See against the white couch you can see the table is gray


already broken in, this is why I need a sturdy coffee table.
Best seat in the house according to my three Little’s


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  1. Great job! I love the color scheme…very calming.

    – Tee (Beauteeful Living)

  2. Thank you! The color scheme is very calming, but still fun. And there is a lot of options with these colors when I need to buy something

  3. Love the table now it is so much better it just fits the room, I would have gone a bit darker on the color. So what else are you planing on doing to that room it looks so amazing I don't think this is any thing left that needs to have things done to it.

  4. Thank you, I have to agree on the coffee table. I wanted it to be lighter then the table my TV is on, but this is a bit too light. It still is a HUGE improvement from before. Anything left… I want to add (ie. my husband build) built in book cases on either side of the fireplace and then a much nicer more refined chair by the window. Class up the place a little. Thank you for stopping by!

  5. Awesome project! You're being featured on Friday Features today over at Home Coming!

  6. Thank you so much! I cant wait to see the other features this week!

    Emily- Our house now a home

  7. Love the new look.

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