Things are a changing here in our home. We are getting rid of our piano, it is a very old piano that needs a lot of work. So in order for my kids to learn on it, it entails a lot of time and money. This has been a hard decision, but it is going to go to someone who can devote what this good old piano needs. We also are using an old desktop computer from… oh about 2,000 years ago or so. Ok, maybe not that old but it is an oldie. My lap top seems to be on strike again, indefinitely. So a desktop computer needs a desk. Time for re arranging!

the newest addition to the study, the chair WILL NOT be staying.
This would be the accent wood plank wall

We are now using my former desk, turned into console table, back into desk in our study. The study just does not mesh now. I can’t put my finger on it but I am needing to change some things. I know for sure one, if not both end tables of the bench in there will be gone. With one floor lamp and maybe another lamp put, somewhere? The computer chair will be gone, I plan on getting a chair with light fabric, some arms but not necessarily a “computer chair”. And I am getting rid of the fan, I have been on the look out for a great ceiling light. So far no such luck. See my plans are not that clear or thought out yet. We are now also needing a console table to go by the entryway and far side of the living room. We have an amazing idea for that, and I am so excited. We will be making it. I will let you in on that little secret shortly.

this is the other side of the study, the kids art center. It is always chaotic


the blank wall, what to put there?

I know part of my issue in the study is I need something on the wall of my desk. But it is such a small room, ill planned, lots of walking space is needed, and it is forever cluttered because the books and art table are in there. So something big, not too busy, preferably long and skinny to be above the computer monitor. But what? I have not one little idea. So I did some very in depth research on Google images. Yep, only the best research for this here house. And I was immediately struck by an accent wall of wood planks. Amazing! I know there is a lot of this being done on the wonderful homes you come across on various blogs, design sites, and what not. But I have yet to actually see a home in person with this look. So I am deciding it is not too over done yet…. right?


I have been drawn towards some rustic pieces, adding some roughness to my clean, light color, robins egg blue house. Some manliness. Yeah, decorative wood planks are just the kind of thing to man up this home. Totally. I LOVE the look of the super dark plank accent walls. But with our dark wood floors I am thinking it wont pop as much as I want. So a combination of light wood, gray (either painted or naturally tinted), and some painted blue and white planks. This would bring out the gray and white in my home, as well as the blue. I am also thinking a pop of orange, yellow, or green too since I do have bits and pieces of that color as well. Especially in the study. But again, most will be either light wood or gray colored to not overpower the space. Just a few smaller painted planks.
I will admit I am a little trigger shy. This would be big, on one whole wall. Yes in one room, but this room is completely open to the living room, seen from the front door, and seen from the kitchen. It is pretty much dead center of the house. What happens if my great idea of colors turns into a mess? What happens if the planks just do not sit right? So many things can go wrong. I know I can always take it down, but with all of the nailing and gluing needed to get these planks up it would guarantee new dry wall in the room if I decided to scrap the project.


please excuse the lighting, I could not make it work today. This is the whole study,
it shows how open to the living room it is

I am still mulling the idea over, I love it. But this is a big step for me, a big, as permanent thing as decorating gets. And with my idea to do slightly different from the examples I have seen online I don’t really know how it will turn out. I know that the other instance’s where I was nervous and unsure about something have been the thing I have been most proud of. My wainscoting, the kitchen cabinets, painting the hallway a dark gray, marrying my husband; you know the normal things you doubt. Just kidding I have myself a winner in my other half. But the other things were a big hold your breath moment until it was all done. Then it was instant love and pride for going outside of my comfort and coming back with something great. I am hoping that will be this case as well, and not the one time I took it too far. We shall see!


there is a lot going on in this room, I want to simplify but add some details… like a accent wood wall

Hey, it is Friday! What kinds of projects are you doing this weekend? I am working more on my boys bunk beds, repairing some cracks that have popped up in the wainscoting, and enjoying the fact that my yard is snow free! So there will be some epic outside play time with my kids as well. The balance of projects and family always has to be there. Enjoy the weekend!




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