using something but not for the reason it was made

using something but not for the reason it was made


these little vases are shot glasses we got as a gift for our wedding. Never used, until now
Using something, but not for the reason it was made. Umm…. what? Am I the only one that does this? What I mean is re using an object, but in a new way it was not designed for. I find an object that is made and used for something specific and then I use it for something different. Got it? Did I clear that up? Some of it is out of necessity. I am in need of a TV stand, but don’t see one I like. Hey an old dresser will work the same. And I need a basket for hats, a drawer from said old dresser works great.

the window panes turned picture frames


these are used as counter top decor in my kids bathroom, formally garden decor for flower beds
I feel like this is the first glimpse into how my mind works when it comes to decorating. When push comes to shove I will get what I want. Maybe not exactly what I want, but the vases with flowers are there on the counter, so what if it is never used shot glasses. Sometimes the object I use is something I take from another room, or a long forgotten shelf in the basement. Other times it is bought specifically for that purpose that it was not made for.
I have a few of these examples in my home. And to be honest these pieces are the ones people comment on. They like the window panes turned into picture frames, they love my owl figures on the bathroom counter that are garden decorations. I think because it catches their eye, stands out. I know things I put myself into I pride myself on the most. Sure I like our bench in the study, it is comfy. But the art table and old spool are my favorite in that room. It was my idea, my dream that we turned it into. My little personal stamp to the space. And that is the case with items reused for something else. This is the easiest way to add your own stamp. Most times there is no re do. Just use it. Sometimes I few changes and it is updated as something different. And hey, you save money. No going out and over spending on a TV stand because you need it. Use the dresser in your basement that is never used. Now you have that money to spend on something else. Or save it. You know, to splurge even bigger next shopping trip. See I am helping you out.
the spool turned book shelf


this was a shelf that stands up, I took out the individual shelves and set it down sideways.
Now it is a play surface and storage in my daughter’s room


the standing shelf, turned play surface and storage
On another completely different note, I am sorry this post is late. I was actually not thinking it was going to happen at all today. I have had a cold for a few weeks and out of no where yesterday I was hit full force with body aches, chills, and feeling like I was run over. This winter has kicked our butt with the cold and the sickness. So I apologize for this not being on time. I know that the faithful readers enjoy getting their morning e-mails with my updates. But I mustered up enough energy to get this all done and together for you all. Will it change your life? No. Will it give you inspiration? Maybe… it might open your eyes to using a few different objects around your house in ways you never thought before.
So look around, before you throw out that piece of furniture, those never used glasses, that outdoor home decor. Think about it, could you use it somewhere else. Slap on some new paint and turn it into something different. Think about it in your whole house and not just the room you don’t need it in anymore. I hope this helps a little bit. With home decorating thinking outside the box is the most important aspect. It makes your house unique, it stands out. It becomes yours and yours alone.
this is a dresser now used as out entertainment center. The drawers have DVD’s in them.
We drilled a hole in the back for the cables of the accouterments that comes with a TV, and they hide behind now
one of the drawers from the entertainment center is used as a hat holder under this table


this was bought at a flea market. I think it was a old drawer thing for silverware to go in. Not too sure,
but I can guess it was not used as wall organization for art stuff. Just sayin
Now I am off to wallow in my miserable sick self. For some reason my sick day still consists of kids, dog, school runs, getting from the bus, gymnastics, making meals, and other mommy-isms. There is no calling in for this lady. I hope your Wednesday is going better then mine, halfway through the week. We can do this!



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