the new additions to my decor

the new additions to my decor

The new vase and rug

I realized that if I updated my house tour every time I added or changed something it would be weekly. So instead here is a little show and tell of my newest additions. I am slowly changing the look of my study. I had planned to keep it the same color scheme as the living room, but when visiting my Grandma in San Diego California she gave me this huge, gorgeous painting of a fall scene in a forest. It has orange, yellow, and greens in it. I love it. I set it in the study and realized it fits nothing in there. So I got a few throw pillows with those colors and decided to change the rest with time. We added some aqua and coral stools to the kids art table in there. It brought some new color in the room. But it made the curtains stand out. I was on a mission for new curtains. I came across these curtains, and a few extras as well.

the new curtains, I like the orange color. It goes but I also like that the color and detail
is on the bottom. Since the orange only goes in this room it is not seen from the living room or entryway, as subtle as orange can get I guess

Over the weekend we were at Wal-mart. I wanted to look at the clearance section for any holiday goodies marked down. I came across this bright, too bright for my older taster rug. But with my deciding to shake things up a bit, and the discounted price I went for it. I also got a vase at T.J. Maxx, and lastly some new curtains from Target. With these few things the room feels slightly more put together. At least the coral/orange look seems to go a little. Anyways, a short story.. sort of turned long… here is my newest home decor additions.

this vase looks surprisingly vintage, but is brand spankin new from the store


the rug with the curtains


I think the colors work, this rug is busy but it seems to work with the fun art table, kid friendly feel


this is the room before the rug and curtains. The painting seems like an after thought,
which it was, but now it fits more


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