repairing new picture

repairing new picture


**This is where the picture has ended up being hung**

I stalk things I like. Anytime I am in a store I always find a few things I like. Most times I either decide it wont work, or if it will get it. Then there is the expensive things. The ones I want desperately but feel are not justified in the cost. I want to hide the item way in the back of the shelf. Just like I did when I was a kid. If I cant get it no one can. So there!

the picture

All joking aside that is sort of what I do, I leave it in the hopes that it might go on clearance yay, or I save some money and then go back to buy it.  And we all know if it is on sale we have to get it. I say this way too much to my husband “It was on sale” “This was 50% off”. It justify’s the purchase for me. Well I have had my eye on this one picture at World Market. I like this store. A lot of what they have is too bohemian for me but when they have something that goes with my style it goes really well. That is the case with this picture. It is a huge picture made out of wood with a Tree on it. I have wanted this picture for a while, maybe 6 months or so.

With it’s huge size I want to put in in our bedroom. We have huge vaulted ceilings, and the space is massive in their. So I think the way to go with pictures is large. This fits the bill. It is wood and then the tree is black. So as neutral as you can get without it being beige. But my snag, here it comes…. $365 for this one picture. Yeah, no. My husband very sweetly offered to try and make me one. What a guy. We never got around to making it and every time I ended up in the store I always walked by. There was always one or two, and it started to get marked down in price!!!! Down to $295, then $199, then $165, then $98. This weekend we were in the store and I went to the picture area. The picture was gone. I was sad but knew it would happen eventually. As we were leaving I always stop at the clearance area. And there stood my beloved picture. It was marked down to $75. But the catch was it was damaged. Some of the leaves and some of the tree detail has been pulled off.

the damage


more damage

We debated back and forth on getting it, leaving it, trying to fix it. And decided we can get it. I can either try to repair it or leave it as is. The picture is a rustic look anyways so having it damaged does not make it stand out. It is also in our room, where aside from when we have a ton of people over and they need to use that bathroom, it is just the Hubby and I who will see the picture. I don’t notice the damage enough to hate it. I am so happy with this picture. I am going to do some research on how I can possibly repair it. The first step is figuring out what material the tree is made out of. It almost looks like clay, but I don’t think that is it.

I will enjoy my loved before I bought it picture, repaired or not!


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