my in progress projects

my in progress projects

the piles of curtains getting sewn

So normally on Monday’s I like to start the week off right here in this lovely blog. I almost always post a project. Today I cannot say that I can. Partly because I don’t have a new project to share with you, and partly because the backlog of projects I do have cannot seem to form themselves into any kind of post that makes sense. My brain is mush. Last week I had so many appointments, volunteer time in my kids  classrooms, Valentine’s Day parties, it was a mess. Today I am actually in Chicago on a two days, one night mini, micro mini vacation with my husband. I am going to date myself here, we saw Justin Timberlake in concert. Not Justin Bieber as my daughter decided to tell her teacher. I got some weird looks for that one.

the almost done bunk beds

So, back to this blog and my non existent new project. I guess since I am functioning on halfway these past few days I will show you some halfway done projects. I always have a few in the process projects going on. We are still working on some built in bunk beds for the boy’s room. They have been built since last summer, and remain un finished since last summer. Just a few coats of paint, some sanding, and we are done.

this is the color we will be using, and an example of the sanding still needed to be done

Next in the process project is my daughter’s bedroom makeover. We have painted, we have done a cute little canvas, we have painted furniture (which I just realized I have not divulged or shared, future post coming), and we are currently working on her curtains. She wants a canopy bed, and since she has a perfectly good, no four poster bed. We are creating one by hanging curtains from the ceiling. We have half of the panels done.

my husband sewing away

he sews, I pin

I think those are the main projects that are in the process. I have many that are in the starting line up but those need to get done first. They are so close yet so far. I always think I will get my ish together and get everything done. But I am realizing with this decorating addiction, there will always be more. Me fixing something, adding this, redoing that. It will be a constant to do list. So enjoy your Monday, and I am going to go back to doing a whole lot of nothing for a few more hours.


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