Inspiration, outdoor space

Inspiration, outdoor space

It has been warm here the past two days. And when I say warm I mean it hit 39 degrees today. I was rocking a long sleeve shirt and no coat. It is beyond sad and pathetic how much we have gotten used to ridiculous temperatures. But tomorrow we are supposed to get more snow, and possibly freezing rain. So that means ice. It is just a kick to our butts reminding us it is still winter.

With that being said, in figuring out what my inspiration would be for this inspiration Thursday all I could think of is warm. Spring, sun, grass, sitting outside, needing shade because it is too hot outside. So for today’s inspiration it is outdoor living space’s. This is not so much inspiration as much as it is me dreaming. Big time! I can of course use these spaces as the jumping off point for my outdoor space. But the problem is I need it to get above 50 degrees, and the mounds of snow needs to melt. I have to be able to find my patio top start decorating it. But enjoy, these lovely nuggets or warmth. Let the sun shine on you through the pictures. And for all of you people who are having warm weather…. I stomp my feet and say “that is not fair” in my biggest whiny, pouty voice possible.

These places do exist somewhere, and some in you guys, my lovely readers back yards. And others, it is all buried under snow, ice, and winter horribleness. Along with my cold, frozen heart. I want spring. Actually just some green grass and a warm enough temperature where I can sit on the porch and maybe smell some of my flowers. Eventually.



  1. Wow, you found some amazing, cozy outdoor spaces! Makes me even more excited (if that's even possible) for nice weather!!!

  2. With winter still lingering around, having a wonderful spring or summer inspiration is what you really need. This will surely lift your heart and give warmth to your mind. And in my opinion, it doubles up the feeling because the pictures looks amazing. It’s really something to look forward to when winter ends and the new season comes in, which it already has by this time. What is your favorite in all of these? If I have to pick, I’ll go for the first one.

    Luke Stephens @ Tranquility Pools

  3. Luke, we are full on summer humidity now here. Instead of day dreaming of outdoor spaces I am slowly revamping mine. I like the one you chose, I would have to say mine is the one with the hammock on the porch. Or any outdoor area with your amazing pools. I hopped on over there and am in love. Some lucky people with a beautiful outdoor oasis. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

    Emily- Our house now a home

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