corner shelf redo

corner shelf redo


We got this shelf from my in laws.It was situation where they did not need or want it anymore and I told them I would take it. I did not need a new shelf, or have anything to do with it. Then I decided to paint it, and cut it in half. I figured out I would put it in my hallway, but having it full sized would not work. We have pictures hanging in there so anything to tall would block the pictures. Not a good look.

I don’t have the full before picture but this is the remaining half of the painted shelf

This is not really a project or redo how to.This is simply an example to put out there of what you can do to something that is needing updating. How maybe things you are getting ready of could turn out if you just painted them instead. I wanted some color in the hallway so a good robing egg spray paint would do. My go to turquoise color strikes again! My husband cut the shelf legs in half. I sprayed two coats of the spray paint and presto, a new/old corner shelf.


When spray painting anything my one piece of advice is to spray it lightly. If you lay on the spray paint you get lots of drips. Not a good look. And be sure to pick it up once all done and dried. Look around it, under it, behind it. Sometimes when spray painting you can miss a spot. And not realize that it is there until you have it inside, set up with all of the decorations on it and then spot the random line going down the side that was missed completely.  I would also recommend before painting anything wood sand it down. Rough it up a little. We did not do it with this shelf, because it sits in a corner and is never touched. If the piece you are painting is high traffic where people will use it and dent, scratch, scrape it a lot the paint can peel or chip off. We have had no problems with this shelf yet and with it being a corner shelf I don’t see us ever having chipping problems. Other then folks it is a simple, easy job, and the table turned out very cute. It added a little pop of color to the hallway.


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