your happy place

your happy place

My dog Teddy sitting in my happy place

I always wonder if people have a favorite spot in their house? Their happy place. The spot that they go to to relax, re charge, or just enjoy talking with someone. It got me thinking about my happy place. I would say I have two, a big chair with a horrible chair cover. It is right by the window looking out into the front yard. I can see people walking by, birds flying around in the tree’s, and I get a lot of light. Usually I am curled up their with my lap top or a book, during my kids nap time.

The other spot I like is the study. It is a room right off of our living room. I assume it is designed as a formal dining room, but we have never used it for that purpose. It is the hub of our home. My kids art table is there, the piano, a very comfy bench resides here with some over sized pillows, all of my kids books are in this room and two guitars are in the corner, easy for the kids to get at. We spend a lot of time in this room. It is my pride and happy place as a family. There are many wonderful quiet moments with myself and one of my kids reading on the bench. Some creative moments at the art table. Or loud rousing concerts with the whole family banging away on the piano and guitars.


Excuse the mess, well actually this is pretty good. All three kids enjoying the heart of our home

I adore my whole home, the memories we have made. The pride we have in it. But these two spaces in my home have an even more special place in my heart. The chair is a quiet place for me, to blog, read, catch up on internet gossip of all kinds, enjoy the goings on of my neighborhood, to have some me time. The study is the place for my family. We are us, but uninterrupted, no TV, computer, loud toys, and fights. Just kidding I have three kids those things happen everywhere. Even in the sanctuary that is the art table. Hey that one marker they have to have is a hot commodity.


When I am in other peoples homes, or looking at one online I always have my place I peg as my favorite spot. The one that if I lived there, that would be my spot. Maybe and most likely it is not the happy place of the person living in the home. Each home has its own place. Everyone’s homes and home lives are different. The needs, wants, and realities are so vast. A great little cozy nook could be completely over looked in their go go go attitude, or in their love of being out doors. A big kitchen with hearth room could be the heart of that home. It is all different, and unique. A thoroughly designed space is not needed. My chair by the window is an old craigslist find that had big plans of being fully reupholstered. The slip cover is ill fit, falls off constantly. But it is a great space. My kids even gravitate towards it as well. Ugly can’t beat comfy, comfy always wins! What is the place that calls you on a bad day? When you get stuck in a rainstorm and just want to be warm and comfy, where is it you think of? What is your happy place in your home?


this is how the study looked a few months ago, but this scenario of the three at the piano is very often


my two boys in my happy place, it is a big comfy chair


my three littles enjoying the study


the old book case, but this is pure happiness for them


my book worm in the study a few months ago, pre wood floors and with old book shelf


the study bench and guitars, this place gets a lot of wear and tear

I realized there is not one picture of me in my happy place, or really anywhere. I am in the house and I do enjoy these places in my home. I am just the one always taking the pictures.



  1. Aren't mothers always taking the pictures – love seeing your images and your happy place – mine is definitely in my office where it's quiet and like yours has lots of light!!

  2. Thank you for reading. I think light in a room makes people feel more awake. It always has me in a good mood if it is sunny

  3. My happy place is my master bed and bath. It's decorated for me and I love it. I like how your family room is a true family room.

  4. My happy place is my master bed and bath. It's decorated for me and I love it. I like how your family room is a true family room.

  5. I wish I had a master bath that could be a retreat, you are one lucky woman! Thanks for stopping by

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