Word canvas

Word canvas

I love word canvas’s. I believe sometimes they are called subway art, or quote canvas, inspirational canvas. Whatever. These bad boys are great. I would go crazy with these things. I feel like this is the newer version of stenciling in the 90’s. A little bit is great but it can be overkill if done a lot.

My two canvas’s. One in my dining room and the smaller one is by the front door. I am always wanting to add more.


You can find them on etsy, ebay, amazon, World Market, Target, wherever any household items are sold. Different styles, fonts, colors. I don’t know why I like them so much but I do. I think some of the sayings on them are so sweet. Sometimes funny. It gives a room some spunk. A little sense of the personality of those living there. Or at least the one who decorates the place. I have to pause and prevent myself from buying one every time I see one with a saying I like. I always find myself saying “that is so me, or us” “awe so sweet” “adorable, my kids need to read this everyday they come out of their rooms.” Only one child of mine can read, a little… but I feel like a Dr. Seuss quote would inspire them regardless. I want them all.

I wonder how long this will last before it begins to become over done. I guess everything in design has a shelf life. But you cannot plan your home on trends and worrying of them ending. Design for now, for you, and if in 20 years your kids are ragging on you to get rid of the oh so dated words canvas. Just hold up the sweetly written one about how much you love them, and then make them feel guilty for even thinking it. In your face future children of ours who will judge our outdated decorating. That “Oh the places you will go” quote made you who you are!






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