Up dated house tour

Up dated house tour


**Hey there, this is an older post and I have a whole new look to my home. Here is where you can find the most up to date home tour**



This is my new house tour. With all of the updated rooms and projects. My kids bedrooms will again be updated shortly but I wanted to show the new rooms now. Since the last one the main thing is the change of my study and wood floors. I also learned a few new nifty camera angles and tricks.

  The entry way









Living room






































These toys trickled out while I was taking pictures, the culprit ran away



Laundry room




Kids bathroom in hallway








Master bedroom





Daughter’s room
Boy’s bedroom

So there you have it, my updated home. I hope you liked it, I hope it gave you a few little nuggets of inspiration.



  1. You have created such a pretty, family friendly home ~ beautiful colors and I love all of your kids' areas. The round book table is really neat!

  2. Thank you! The round table was an old spool that we redid. The post on it will be up on Monday. Thank you for stopping by

  3. The round book table and the children's art table really stood out. Your home is so very family friendly. Thank you for such a wonderful sharing.

  4. Very nice indeed! 🙂 Coming over from Brenda's Welcome Wagon at Cozy Little House 🙂

  5. Thank you for coming to my little blog! I do tend to decorate on the family friendly side. I find it is hard to do both at times. It is my kids homes too, so we share. And I was so pleasantly surprised when Brenda's welcome wagon at Cozy Little House decided to feature me. Welcome all!

  6. Hi There. I am here by way of Brenda. Love your cozy home. the spool with the books is a great idea. I have a little corner spindle table just like yours. Love your gallery wall as well.

  7. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog!

  8. Hi Emily, I love your summer home! The ornaments, the wall photos and the colourful children’s room. I think I forgot to say that you have a lovely green bathroom!

    Sebastian of Factory Direct Gazebo

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