turning old window panes into frames

turning old window panes into frames

Over the summer I was at a rummage sale and up against the house were all of these old windows. They
were being sold for $5 a piece. I had no clue what I wanted to do with them but figured I could figure something out. I remembered my grandma cutting up old calenders and using the pictures to frame. I thought it was a brilliant idea and thought that a calender would be perfect size for these big old windows. So I decided where I wanted to place each window, one going in the dining room and one in the study.

When I brought them home there were some nails on the edges that had to be pulled. They also needed a new coat of paint. I taped up the glass and used some left over white paint that I had. The glass also had some old paint on the glass. I scraped off what I could. Not all of it came off but I figured it is a rustic look so it not being pristine works for this look. We then added a triangle shaped hanger on each side on the top.


This is the back of it and original paint color

This is the art work display one that is in my study. It is great and very simple, tape art work into the window panes. And voila!

The other one I was not sure what I wanted inside it. With the kitchen having blue and green I knew those would be my base colors. I happened to be at Barnes N Noble and passed by their calenders, I gravitated towards calenders with flowers but more of them were very old lady like cottage pictures. Then I found one that had amazing xrays of flowers. I knew it was it! I brought it home and the hardest part was choosing which ones I wanted to use. Once deciding that it was as simple as taping them in the center of the glass. I had planned on making a matting around the pictures to fill in the panes but I love the glass and picture. The simplicity of it is beautiful.
I was just in Target and of course perusing the decor aisles. I came across a window pane with slots for pictures. I could not believe it. Target copied me! Where is my check dude, I am pretty sure I invented and own that idea. Right? No? Oh ok then, moving on. I was proud of the fact I was ahead of the trend and also proud of the fact that mine are recycled old windows and I did not pay as much as they were asking. Go me!

A close up of the x-ray flowers



  1. Love the idea, also love the you keep the back the original color. You should get a % of the profits was your idea.

  2. Thank you for reading and the support on it being my idea. Maybe you can join a petition with me or something. Lets do this!

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