Well we made it, the holidays are over! Now don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, I love thanksgiving and I LOVE decorating for them. But… I feel like the red, and green is driving me crazy. The Santa’s, snowmen, wreaths, greenery, pine cones, and what not are caving in on me.

So I look to the future, the future being spring. Now I live in Wisconsin so spring is not until, oh… June. But once the new year hits I am in spring mode. I love the freshness, the clean palate, the light airy, clutter free home. When I first started really decorating my home I made decisions and purchases with the assumption that I would pick the perfect picture, candle, vase, pillow or whatever and set it up. Not touch it. Leaving my perfect design there for all eternity. But I now know that I change and move things ALL THE TIME. I re arrange my coffee table decor weekly, among many other constant changes.

So now I know with each season comes a few new pieces. I don’t know what I will gravitate towards but I thought some fun spring inspiration would help get me going. I am never sure what will be “in” nor do I particularly care, but I usually can pinpoint what I will want to do. A few new pieces or projects to add to my collection. I just hope if it involves paint or pieces of wood I might be able to use some of my left over stuff. Try and lighten my clutter/left over load. So enjoy the spring inspirations, I am currently taking notes.

I think I see where I am going, flowers, flowers and flowers! I love incorporating birds, butterflies, bunnies or other cute little woodland creatures. Yellows and greens scream spring for me. I have some green in my kitchen and a tiny bit in my study. Think I can convince my hubby to make new green and yellow curtains? No, I want to stay married so I will not be going there. Hopefully I can do some of these subtly and not have a rainbow of color going on. And when I say rainbow I mean explosion. Is there a rule to how many colors you can have in a room? I might hit that limit with these lovely spring inspirations. Now time to plan, dream,  finagle, change, shop, rummage sale and re use. Bring on spring!
Oh wait, it is still winter. I know that because the snow plow just went by, and school is closed tomorrow because of -20 temperatures! Brrrrrrrrrrr! Well I can dream and plan. And push spring a little early in my house


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