Patterns in a room

Patterns in a room

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**The most recent home tour with many updates on patterns**

One of the first things I was drawn to when deciding to rejuvenate my house was rooms with patterns. Mainly ones on fabrics. The easiest way to do this and most common I saw was on curtains, rugs, pillows, and upholstered furniture. I like the way it brought a room together. It made it feel alive, lived in, and fun. I was so intimidated by this idea though. How do you tow the line between making it look great and put together or like a fabric store exploded on your pillows and curtains? I initially shied away from trying. I was so new to this and thinking outside the box or stretching my ideas was terrifying. Now.. well maybe I should have some fear. I decided I was not ready for pattern furniture. The idea of being able to change my trying and failing attempts seemed good. I settled on pillows and curtains. A training wheel of decorating with patterns and colors if you will. Worst case scenario I change it!


The husband made curtains and pillows
The couch with just a few patterns and textures

 I had heard (not sure from where) that three colors is the best way to balance differing colors in a room. I knew I wanted turquoise (aqua, teal, blue/green, whatever you want to call it), gray, and white. I also have some pops of black. Really by necessity because all of my picture frames were already black and two book cases are black on either side of the fire place. Eventually these will be replaced with built ins. As you see I am already pushing the three color thing beyond its constraints.

Now I add in the fabric. I found no rule of thumb for fabric’s or patterns. I just figured as long as I attempted to stay with the same colors it should work. I went etsy pillow cover crazy! I loved the chevron look, I knew wanted flowers. But not too feminine, you know masculine flower patterns, totally. I initially planned to go more formal with my home but was drawn to the bright and slightly busy fabrics. I figured we are a young family, we could pull it off. There will be time for the soft or formal looks. For now we are loud and lively and our house fits that. To count I have 4 patterns in my living room and adjoining study, with 6 pillows also containing various flowers, birds or writing on them. My curtains are courtesy of my multi talented husband sewing them, I cannot sew a straight line. The patterns are mainly on pillows and curtains with a turquoise throw on the couch as well, a knitted pouf which is more texture then pattern, and my newly added light brown weaved rug with a black trim.

I added a little yellow and green to this bench in the study because I hung up the fall picture my Grandma painted in 1978. Along with this and my kids art work also in here I thought the 3 color rule could be expanded a little. It is only a rule of thumb right?


more patterns on the pillows, easiest way to add patterns to a room is pillows


Love this little pillow, also purchased from etsy. Along with all of the pillows in my house

I have no clue if all of this works. I know I adore the outcome. I think the thing I appreciate the most about it is that I was nervous to take the chance but ended up taking the plunge. I went out of my design comfort, tried something I had no clue how it would turn out and am in love with it. I think the patterns in my house are truly the thing that stands out the most. It brings all of the colors together, adds a fun flare to the decor. There are some days I think maybe changing it to a very clean palate with less color and more texture would be nice. But then other days I want more color and more patterns. Can I have 2 or 3 houses and then I can meet each of my design dreams. My family and I can move between the homes depending on my mood? Yes? Sounds great!

This is a beautiful hydrangea pillow


an up close look of the curtains my Husband Dale made


more patterns! This small side table is hidden pretty well, but alas, another pattern


The couch with it’s pillows. Most of the time they are thrown on the floor, or made into a fort
but they can look nice when done up


pillows on the fireplace for more seating. This space gets a lot of use when we have people over

I should add when I mentioned Etsy some people may not know what it is. This is where all but three of my pillows have been purchased. I also have purchased prints that are in my kids bathroom as well as antique hooks for coats. It is an amazing website where people with all kinds of varying talents from furniture making, clothing, pillows, pillow covers, blankets, curtains, art work, framed, vases, old jewelry, anything. These people sell them through their individual stores. Some like large furniture pieces are only sold locally but most comes from all over. Some of my pillows came from Thailand, an older lady who sewed them by hand herself. It is an amazing site and a great thing to support. People with talent making even a little money doing what they love and are good at!


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