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I love a good built in. They add character to a space. I feel like a built in shelf, nook, or bench also feel like a timeless piece. So many older homes have that feature. I am not biased to built ins in older homes, or new. I am en equal opportunity kind of person when it comes to built ins. I have a huge fireplace in my living room that currently has two book cases on either side, bought years ago from wal-mart. The fireplace is begging and pleading for a great set of built in book shelves.

I tend to lean more towards craftsman style built in features. Well really craftsman style anything when it comes to a home. I am pretty sure my house soul mate would be a nice craftsman with lots of little nooks, shelves, and windows. But built ins can be for any style, can be added, re finished, whatever. I feel like when there is a built in somewhere in a home it makes the home feel more permanent. Like it is a solid house, with love and character bursting at the seams. They give a space definition and function. Most built ins have some kind of storage, and you can never have enough of that.

Built ins can be anything from a shelf, bench, window seat, eating nook, book shelf, china cabinet. Anything that is built right up to the wall with trim above and/or below to match the rest of the room. To make it look like it is stuck there just as much as the walls. That is why I like them I think. As much as I change some decor around, once I figure out a furniture placement I am done. I like routine, permanence. Change is not my friend. And built ins are the biggest example of that. They are there to stay. I love them. Enjoy..

So… what did you think? Ready to call a carpenter and get started on those built ins? These are all beautiful, painted, stained, glass front, by windows, floors to ceiling. All of it is amazing, and I am pretty sure by the time I get done with my house there will be an overabundance of built ins. Who is with me?


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