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I am toying around with the idea of updating my bathroom. And when I say toying around with the idea I mean trying to convince my husband that we can do it and it wont take that long. I don’t mean a complete overhaul. We are not mentally or financially ready for that yet. My dream would be to tile the shower, put in new flooring, new vanity, expand it, add a window. Yeah my dream. My master bathroom is smack dab in the middle of the house. This lovely space will be forever window free.

While I think in my head of ways to update, with paint, some new pictures, a new light fixture. And convince my husband this can be done in a day and for free. Totally possible, right? I will just have to be inspired by these amazing, some possible and some completely unattainable, out of my league bathrooms.


I see where I am heading with this updating of my bathroom. White, with a little rustic or country, but with a marble and luxurious feel and about 3 sizes bigger then my bathroom now. Totally doable. Who are these people with these amazing bathrooms? I have never in my life seen a bathroom like this in person. Just on the inter-webs. Where the best houses always are. They only exist online, real life is not as pretty or pinterest ready


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