Ikea EKTORP couch

Ikea EKTORP couch



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I love my house, it is fresh, welcoming and unique. Not so much in the architecture but in the decorating. I like that a lot of the pieces I have in my home are mine alone. Even if bought from a store they are still tweaked or made into something slightly different. Except my couch. I have a white slip covered Ektorp love seat chaise lounge from Ikea. In looking around at many lovely blogs, Pinterest designs, any interior design anything there nestled in the background is this exact couch. I loved the price, $499.00. And the fact that it is slip covered but without the really ill fitted slip cover. I like white couches, but lets be real. I have three littles, one dog, and a husband. My couch gets a lot of wear and tear, a lot of grubby dirty fingers, and A LOT of pencil, crayon, and marker “accidentally” rubbed on it. But I figured I could go white because of the slip covers.

This is what it looks like, 2 years strong and still fluffy as the day we bough it

I was not sure on quality because of the price. You get what you pay for right? This in terms of couches is very cheap. So it will probably be cheap and not last long. I was willing to take the chance figuring when my kids get out of this little phase I could get something more pricey, and long term. A little nicer. I honestly don’t think we will need to. It has been over 2 years since purchasing this couch, several washes later and it is still fluffy and solid.

The putting it together was a little detailed and tough. Like all Ikea furniture it came in boxes (three) with lots of assembly required.  Luckily my Husband has this great nack for looking at things and just knowing how to make it. Ikea furniture included. This couch has a chaise that can move from any of the three cushions which is great. And every single piece of fabric comes off, the seat cushions, back cushions, chaise cover, and couch skirt. It all comes off to wash. I wash it cold, sometimes with bleach if it is a particularly tough stain (never in my house), and then once washed I hang them up to dry.

All of the covers off of it

They are a little stiff once dried and are a little tough to get back on. But I like that. It allows the couch to stay fluffy and not look worn. Eventually this will go down into the game room in the basement. I want to get a couch and love seat. To allow more seating and easier rearrangement or furniture. This has lot of options because you can change the chaise around but my living room is a super awkward layout. But if it was not I don’t know if we would ever be getting a different couch. My 6’2” husband can lay his head on one side and still have his feet on it on the other. In other words it has husband vegging out approval.

I am not sure if anyone would care to know about this couch but I figured I would give the low down on this great priced couch. There is a reason it is such a popular couch with us decorating lovers. It is cheap, easy to change around with other furniture, and slipcovers can be changed if you so choose to change your whole color scheme around. Because that never happens…

You can see it is still freakishly white, STILL!




  1. I always consider it a great hardship that I don't have an Ikea handy…this would by why. What a great couch! I love that it comes with slipcovers, how handy! Thanks so much for stopping by chapter37 and for your kind comment!

  2. I have to go about 2 hours away for an IKEA store. Which is probably a good thing. You don't realize how much you send until they ring you up. It is all so functional and low priced. And thank you for stopping by and also giving me inspiration

  3. Thank you for this article! This gave all the information I needed for the couch we want which is exactly as shown above! Yay! 🙂

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