green with envy… of this house

I came across this house. I really don’t know how I came to it. There was so many random twists and turns, new key words, clicking on one thing which led me to another. Anyhow I landed on this amazing exterior of a home. I want to live in it. Can I take the exterior and put it on the front of my house? It feels like a little cottage in the meadow (meadow, not forest. That seems more pretty), but this little cottage is on steroids in the best way. It is located in Massachusetts, is 8,943 square feet, and was built in 1901. Enjoy! And wipe that drool from your mouth while you are at it.





I mean, seriously. My house seems so un special now. No that is not true, I love my home. But I would not say no if someone were to want to trade homes with me if they had this. There is a ton more images on Zillow if you are so inclined. Or would like to buy this home. If that is the case please become my bestie so I can visit!


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