Goodwill treasures

Goodwill treasures

I love the Goodwill, or Loves Inc, or any consignment second hand store. In between the piles of old shoes, stinky knee and elbow pads, permanently stained Tupperware you find some true gems. The housewares section is the biggest hit for me. One because it is something I gravitate towards in any store and two, those items are usually in the best shape. It has surprised me what some people have given up. New curtains with tags still on them, pictures still wrapped in the packaging, chairs, tables, vases, holiday decor. All in great shape.

I always get excited when I go into one of these stores because I know I will probably find a few things and spend a grand total of $10! This past Saturday my family and I were desperate to get out of the house. Being stuck inside with the snot freezing polar vortex for the past week or so it was needed. With the snow still covering the ground parks were out. And really any outside activity because of the remaining cold. So a shopping we did go! On this trip we got two white vases, a flower lamp shade and lamp for my daughters currently being remodeled room, an outdoor wall sconce for the back yard, and three car shaped wall shelves. All  for $12.75. I would say it was a success! Yay for reusing, salvaging, and donating!

My loot



You can see this light in my daughters bedroom here.  

We put these up before I could take a picture of them with the other stuff,
these are in my boys transportation themed room.


You can see these all set up in my boys’ bedroom.  

They are so cute and different



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