Go to color

Go to color

My go to colors, turquoise and white. They compliment each other well

Everyone has one. The color where when all else fails you paint it. Or maybe when you see that color on something you think “I need that” No I don’t have room for a 4 ft tall vase but it is my color! Mine is white for painting things. Nice and clean, neutral, a little bit country. And the other is Turquoise, a little bit rock and roll! No, really it is just a pretty color that seems bright and happy to me. Most of my nick naks and what not I have are this color. This is my happy place color. It gives it life, fun, and happy to any space. At least I think.

my mantle with some more of the color du jour everyday in this house, with a little white thrown in


Sometimes I see a great green something or other and wonder if maybe that is my new go to color. Then the lovely turquoise does something and drags me back into its grasp. I cant quit it! But I cant go crazy with it, this color is a lot. And a few pops is fine. But a whole room would be wayyyyy too much. Which is why my other go to color is white. To balance the lovely, loud turquoise with a softness that only white can give. What is your go to color?

the old barn bench, this was the first turquoise piece we painted


I painted this light from black to turquoise and found the lamp shade at Goodwill


pops of my go to color


my mantle has some color too


my couch pillows
a pop of turquoise in the corner of my hallway, I also painted that table

As you can see, I have these colors all over my home. I think in my case I can’t have one without the other. The white gives the home a subtle, quiet calm. And the turquoise gives it life, some fun into the space. If I had just one it would be too much of either. These are my go to colors. It will be tough when and if I want to change them.


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